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TGIF. . . No, Really.

If you think you’ve had a bad week, just remember – it could have been worse. Check out what happened to these guys (and gals)…

In Meadowhall, Sheffield, UK, Build-A-Bear branches recently launched a campaign that allowed visitors to, well – build a bear for the price of the child’s age… so, how did that turn out?  Think where you are reading this…

In Mount Airy, North Carolina, workers at a Golden Corral here noticed that smoke was not ventilating property from an exhaust vent over the stove… and, as it turned out, Charlie Edward Walker, 59, knew something about the problem

In Anoka, Minnesota, we’re sorry to report that Zsa Zsa, a 9-year-old English bulldog has passed…just weeks after winning the 2018 World’s Ugliest Dog contest…so, is there a first runner up who can carry on these “duties”

In St. John’s County, Florida, an unnamed man walked into a Walgreens here…and purchased (for $13.58) an 18-pack of Natural Ice, two Payday candy bars and two Almond Joy candy bars…he paid for this with a $100 bill…which turned out to be fake…and you would think that the cashier would have noticed…here, check it out

In Vancouver, Washington, Rye Wardlaw somewhat ironically got stuck in the Northwest Escape Experience here…an “escape” room here…and despite his best efforts…and some damage to the room itself…finally gave up and called 911…fortunately, for Rye, they were able to free him…there was, however, some bad news

In Freeport, Florida, dispatchers received a 911 call…three separate times…from an unnamed 27-year-old who was looking for a ride home… the dispatchers told him to call the non-emergency line…at which point he began cursing…and became belligerent…so he got his wish…a deputy showed up…and, as it turns out, the caller was still on the phone…still cursing at dispatchers… and he got a ride, all right…but not to his house

And finally, in Del City, Oklahoma, an alarm went off at the Tinker Del Apartments here…and when the property manager arrived he found a man…a tall white male wearing a ball cap…who, once the property manager arrived, took off on foot…and fled the scene in a black Toyota 4 Runner…one that appeared to have three chrome rims and a spare wheel…but he left something behind

Have a GREAT weekend, folks!  Oh – and be careful out there.  It’s Friday the 13th, after all!