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TGIF. No, Really.


If you think you’ve had a bad week, just remember – it could have been worse. Check out what happened to these guys (and gals)… 

You know what they say about letting a fox guard the chickens? Well, in Brittany, France, a fox managed to sneak in to a chicken coop here… through an automatic hatch door, which closed behind it… in a coop with 3,000 chickens… Guess what happened? Guess again. 

In Lyons, New York, Jacquline Lynch, 39, had an issue with bedbugs in her apartment... To help remedy the situation, her uncle sprayed the house with alcohol… and then, in an apparent effort to accelerate the effect, Jacquline… well, read for yourself…. 

In Salisbury Downs, Adelaide, Australia, an unnamed 33-year-old man stole a truck and trailer… just after 1:30 p.m. one recent Sunday… Now, as it turns out, the truck had a GPS device… which made it relatively easy for police to track it down… What they probably weren’t expecting to be able to do is to find the thief still with the vehicle… still in the vehicle… though not by his own choice… and yes, we have pictures

In Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania, Daniel Sober, 44, was arrested for… well, can you guess

In Lathrop, California, Elysia Johnson, of undisclosed age, stepped into a dressing room at a local Target… and stepped out of the store with about $200 in merchandise that she hadn’t purchased… But it’s what else she took into the dressing room… and what she did with it… that was really unusual… She was arrested and booked into the San Joaquin County Jail on suspicion of shoplifting and for three other warrants. 

Near Port Clinton, Ohio, a group of about 40 ice fishermen found out that theirs can be an occupational hazard… 

In St. Paul, Minnesota, Holly Jo Robinson, 59, and her daughter, Lakia Michaelene Robinson, 20, had placed an order with the local Domino’s around 9:00 p.m. one recent evening… They got their pizza… but apparently they didn’t get the wings they had ordered with it… So they registered their dissatisfaction… in person… and in a pretty extreme manner… 

And finally, whether you’re enjoying the later daylight – or regretting the earlier darkness – or, perhaps being in an area unaffected by Daylight Saving Time, you’re just wondering what all the fuss is about… researchers are finding that it is, among other things, affecting our decision-making… and inspiring a surge in those looking for greater variety in their shopping choices… including… oh, you’re not going to believe this… but it might explain certain cravings… 

Have a great weekend, folks!