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The Top 2 Clicked NAPA-Net Stories of 2022 Were…

Inside NAPA

There was a LOT going on this year—and you rewarded our hard work in bringing you the latest news and trends by clicking, sharing, and occasionally commenting on our content. What were the top clicked stories of 2022?

On Wednesday we outlined five of the top 10 most-clicked stories of 2022. Yesterday we highlighted #3–#5. 

So, what were the top two clicked-on stories?

Well, the #2 clicked-on story was along the lines of a theme mentioned earlier this week—what appeared to be an obsession on the POTENTIAL impact of inflation on a Social Security COLA—and one that, hinting at an increase above 10%, turned out to be something of an exaggeration. But not much. Regardless:

Inflation May Push 2023 Social Security COLA Over 10%

What became monthly updates from the Senior Citizens League—this one, from July—wound up as the #2 post of 2022—but other updates from the organization drew high levels of attention as well…including….

Latest 2023 Social Security COLA Estimates Nearing Double Digits

Which was a May update from that same Senior Citizens League, one that also hinted at double digits, though it posited an 8.6% increase in the Social Security COLA—which, as it turned out, was really right on the mark of the final increase—8.7%.

Closing Thoughts

Almost without exception, the most clicked-on stories during any given week are those dealing with litigation, of which 2022 has featured many. And yet, none of those stories have cracked this top 10 list. Similarly, our list of accolades are strong draws, yet only one made this particular list. In fairness, the content produced on NAPA-Net draws an audience well beyond our membership, and well beyond the advisory profession itself, though that remains our focus. 

Regardless, your support of the work we do here—your willingness to share and comment (particularly on social media) has helped us grow and expand not only our reach, but the overall breadth of awareness and understanding of key issues impacting Americans’ retirement preparation and security. 

And for that, we thank you!