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What—and When—Will There Be a ‘New’ Normal?


There’s lots of speculation not only about when things might return to “normal,” but what that normal will be like. This week we’d like to know what—and when—of if—you think it will.

Now, we know that the situation on the ground (and in the air) still depends greatly on where you are—the cases, the vaccinations, the sentiment of local officials… But realizing that, we’ve had a number of readers express curiosity about how things are around the country—as well as a sense of how everyone expects our experiences of the past year to shape how we do business going forward.

Sure, it’s been a rough year—but along the way we have learned new, and in some ways arguably better ways of doing what we’ve always done. And some of those lessons might well carry over into a new “normal.”

So, this week, we’d like to get your read on what—and when—you think the road ahead looks like. You can respond to this week’s reader poll at

And, as is our custom, we’ll have it all wrapped up for you on Friday.