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(What Were) The Top Clicked NAPA-Net Stories of 2022—Part 2

Inside NAPA

There was a LOT going on this year—and you rewarded our hard work in bringing you the latest news and trends by clicking, sharing, and occasionally commenting on our content. What were the top clicked stories of 2022?

Yesterday we outlined five of the top 10 most-clicked stories of 2022. Today, we’ll highlight three more, starting with the fifth-most clicked story, which was:

IRS Announces Annual COLA Adjustments to Contributions, Benefits for 2023

For a good part of 2022, inflation—and its presumed impact on the cost-of-living adjustments for Social Security (not to mention that of the IRS limits on contribution and benefit levels) definitely provided “click bait.” While certainly relevant to wealth management/retirement planning discussions, editorially, those monthly projections (a.k.a. “speculations”) struck us as mostly irrelevant. But this one—the actual announcement about the official adjustments to contribution and benefit limits—certainly warranted the attention it received.

Record Increases Still Forecast for 2023 Benefit Limits

Roughly a month ahead of the official announcement (see above), the good folks at Milliman provided an estimate of what the annual contribution/benefit increases might be based on current inflation trends—and they turned out to be pretty accurate. Little wonder then, that it was the FOURTH most-clicked story of 2022.

The third-most clicked story of 2022 was published just last week—and not surprisingly, it had to do with the inclusion of the SECURE 2.0 Act of 2022 in the omnibus spending bill.

Breaking News: Final SECURE 2.0 Included in Year-End Spending Bill

While most were nestled all snug in their beds in the waning hours of Dec. 19, House and Senate leaders released the text of the mammoth “omnibus” spending bill, which included (the much-anticipated) final SECURE 2.0 package—now officially named the SECURE 2.0 Act of 2022. The final version contained more than 90 retirement provisions, including many of the key provisions supported by the American Retirement Association. The retirement package aims to help small businesses to adopt retirement plans, as well as make it easier for Americans to save.

Tomorrow—the top two most-clicked stories of 2022!