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Which NAPA 401(k) Summit Workshop(s) Would You Most Like to Attend—Part III?

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We’re now just over 30 days away from the 2023 NAPA 401(k) Summit—so which workshop(s) are you most excited about?

We’ve already heard from a number of you that the pick between one session and another is going to be …tough. That said, and as we begin making room assignments, we’d like your input. 

We gave you an opportunity to weigh in on two different workshop session slots (and 18 workshops) over the past couple of weeks. 

This week, we’ll wrap things up by asking you to weigh in on the workshops that will close out the Summit with a "bang"—and give you a chance to pose question(s) you'd like our amazing General Session speakers to answer!

Weigh in at—and we’ll wrap things up—and finalize our room planning—on Friday!