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Rebecca Hourihan

By Rebecca Hourihan | 5/15/2019
Beep! Beep! Beep! Monday, 5:00 a.m. It’s cold and dark outside. I lace up my running shoes and head out the door sluggishly. One mile complete – and guess what, it was terrible. My lungs are burning, it’s still dark, and I’m cold. Running is just not my thing.  Tuesday, 6:00 p.m. I fight rush... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 3/5/2019
Brainstorming a relevant plan sponsor topic, researching sources, typing word by word, citing footnotes, and compliance reviews are all part of the content creation struggle. After you have overcome these hurdles, you can bask in the joy of pressing “Publish.” Wow, there it is – your beautifully... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 2/19/2019
From appetizer to dessert, here is your five-course marketing menu to prep, cook, and plate your 401(k) advisory brand, so you can be the Iron Chef in your retirement plan community.  Appetizer: LinkedIn Profile Did you know that 86% of people are going to Google you before they will agree to a... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 2/7/2019
When was the last time you worked “on” your business instead of “in” your business? We believe that taking a few minutes, hours or days to truly focus on how to grow and scale it will ultimately help you become more profitable. And believe it or not, we think that wholesalers can provide support on... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 1/24/2019
Are the majority of your plan participants invested in the QDIA or are they taking the time to select their own investment allocations? For those who are going it alone, do you think they are properly invested?The reason we’re starting with these questions is that many advisors feel frustrated with... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 1/2/2019
“If the internet says you’re an expert, then you’re an expert.”At the 2018 ASPPA Annual Conference in October, I heard that during one of the roundtable discussions. Wow, what an insightful comment. Because it’s true. Ask yourself, when you have a question, where do you turn? The encyclopedia?... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 12/13/2018
In a conference room, 40 financial advisors are sitting and waiting for the event to begin. My task is simple: welcome everyone to the Atlanta Regional Workshop and introduce the first speaker.With sweaty palms, heart racing, and thick tongue, I walk to the front of the room. Greeted by 80 glaring... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 10/25/2018
If you were to ask three different advisors what marketing is, you would get three different answers — and they would all be right! To most people, marketing can be a pretty vague term used to describe a number of things.From business cards to blogs, everything you could, should or would share with... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 9/6/2018
With today’s constant stream of information, doesn’t it feel more challenging than ever to gain shelf space within the minds of 401(k) prospects?In this post, we are going to share ideas on how you can create awareness that evolves into inbound leads. You’ll learn to leverage two of the most time-... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 8/16/2018
Why would any business ever want to differentiate? Why would any professional want to be known for something unique? That seems like a terrible idea; wouldn’t it be much better to do everything, like a true one-stop shop? Just imagine a restaurant that changes tires and updates resumes! Sounds... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 8/2/2018
Lawsuits to the left, regulations to the right, tax reform straight ahead — these days it seems like no matter which way you look, the retirement plan industry is in trouble. The sky is falling; panic is in the air. Throw your hands up; get out while you still can.Wait, where have we seen all this... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 5/24/2018
To help you prepare for the rest of the year, we’ve created a marketing quiz: six questions to test your marketing IQ. As always, the goal of your marketing efforts is to help you “own your yard” and become known as a “go-to” retirement plan expert! Once you complete the quiz, we’ll share pro tips... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 3/21/2018
There is no hiding that we operate in a heavily regulated industry, and a large part of the job is networking. How do the new tax reform legislation (the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, or TJCA) and the so-called Conflict of Interest Rule (CofI), a.k.a. the fiduciary rule, impact your business with regard... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 3/1/2018
The more places a plan sponsor can find you, meet you, and get to know you, the more “at bats” your firm will receive.A few days ago, a team member shared a story about a recent advisor phone call. She said the advisor had questions about cold calling and its effectiveness. The team member replied... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 2/15/2018
Did you know that plan sponsors are personally solicited for plan business four times a year on average?Your rivals are meeting with your plan sponsor clients, demonstrating expertise through blog articles, educating on social media and gaining more and more local market share. Each day that your... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 12/28/2017
At a recent conference, I had the rare moment to go outside and walk around the city – when I noticed something odd.As I strolled through the streets, being the marketing enthusiast that I am, I couldn’t help but notice the awesome detail of each local establishment’s signage. This hip area of town... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 11/20/2017
About six months ago, I decided to put my rental condo up for sale. However, after too many lowball offers and back-and-forth negotiations, I got frustrated and took it off the market. To add to the annoyance, as an unintended consequence, my name and contact information became publically available... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 10/19/2017
Did you know that Missy Schoedel is a competitive power lifter? She held two state records and competed at Worlds last year in Las Vegas. However, if you meet her at a 401(k) conference, you could never tell by merely looking at her.It’s the commitments of our life that make us unique – the little... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 10/4/2017
Think of all the articles that have been published this year. What do you think are the top-trending retirement plan words?This is important for retirement plan advisors to know about because plan sponsors are searching the internet for these specific words. By updating your website with key search... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 9/28/2017
Wherever and whenever your clients, prospects and centers of influence are seeking retirement plan related information, you are there. That’s 360 degrees of you.Here are the four tips on becoming the authority in your area as the retirement plan expert.Ace the Digital Interview Have you heard of “... READ MORE