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Rebecca Hourihan

By Rebecca Hourihan | 9/14/2023
By providing plan fiduciaries with these critical updates, you can strengthen your long-standing relationships and earn new 401(k) business. The SECURE 2.0 Act will undoubtedly have a major impact on plan sponsors, but many are unaware of the specifics. As a retirement plan specialist, you can... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 6/29/2023
Now is your chance to leverage new strategies, deliver relevant topics, refresh designs and write copy that can truly differentiate you! Retirement plan advisors know how hard it can be to find the time and resources for effective marketing. It’s easy to settle for “just getting by” with outdated... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 3/9/2023
These four simple steps can make your practice more effective and profitable. Are you looking for ways to make your retirement plan business more effective and profitable? If so, you’re in luck—following are some prompts that can transform your business. So find a comfortable place, get a beverage... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 12/29/2022
Here’s how to create a business development process that avoids the feast-to-famine cycle. Each spring, farmers diligently plow the land and plant seeds. Throughout the warm summer months, these plants are nurtured, and they grow. Then in the fall, the farmers harvest the bounty and enjoy the... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 9/28/2022
Vroom, whoosh, whir—it takes a lot of thrust to get an airplane off the ground. But once it lifts off and reaches cruising altitude, it can accelerate toward its destination. But what if something malfunctions? The plane doesn’t just fall from the sky; in most cases, it slowly loses altitude and... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 8/25/2022
If you’re not first, then you’re last. Follow these seven quick tips to increase your search ranking and digital visibility. Help your prospects find you every time while impressing your centers of influence with high-quality online results. Noticeably stand out as a retirement plan expert and... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 6/23/2022
Marketing is essential for any business to grow, but it can be tricky figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Whether you are investing time, talent or money, the first step is to decide your approach and then what you are willing to invest to make it happen.  Time, Talent, Money—Pick 2 If... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 6/15/2022
Friction is anything that causes your 401(k) prospects to pause. Hesitate. Stop. By identifying any friction points early on and resolving them quickly, you can develop your business faster.  Let’s turn your sales process into a well-oiled machine by remedying these seven areas of friction: ... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 5/19/2022
Have you ever received an email from an unknown sender? Did you open it? If you did, what enticed you to ignore the potential risk and click? For every $1 invested in email marketing, there is a $42 return on investment (Direct Marketing Association, “Marketer Email Tracker 2019”). However, to... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 2/17/2022
In a recent survey, 77% of advisors admitted that they do not have a marketing plan.[1] If you are without a vision in mind and looking to create one, this column will give you the outline, color and perspective to get started. So, pick up a brush and let’s get to work! 2022 Big Picture Planning... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 1/20/2022
Do you remember jumping rope as a kid? Two other kids would be twirling the rope and they would say, “Jump in!” And if you were like most kids, a wave of excitement and panic would beat through your chest—and then you’d take a leap of faith into the fun. But what if you paused? You tensed up. You... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 12/15/2021
Not many people wave, but everyone waves back. As we return to normal, be the first to wave to your clients and important relationships to get your connections back on track. When you reach out first, it shows your clients and key connections that you are courageous in your business relationship... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 11/4/2021
In any successful marketing campaign, the first step is identifying your target market. By understanding your target audience, you can plan your approach strategy and how you intend to help address their needs, concerns and problems. Then your campaigns can provide helpful solutions, actionable... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 9/29/2021
There are several biennial and quadrennial events, like solar eclipses, the Olympics, Leap Years and election years, that people get excited about. But in the retirement world, there’s one recurring event you should get pumped up about: Cycle 3 restatements!  Every 6 years, the IRS requires plan... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 9/22/2021
How many sales are won on the first meeting? Not many, right? As an advisor, you put in the work to earn new business, and that could take 4, 5, 6 or 14 meetings. Retirement plan sales are not transactions at Starbucks; they are well thought out, long-term commitments. Deep down, we all know this,... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 7/16/2021
As the Pooled Employer Plan (PEP) marketplace heats up, one thing is clear: PEPs are a hot topic.  So if you’re looking to launch a PEP, keep reading—because we are going to give you marketing strategies and ideas that will help you go to market faster, differentiate your purpose and supercharge... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 6/16/2021
We all have a cousin, friend or neighbor who has no clue what you do but always has “an idea” for you. This person usually bends your ear at Thanksgiving or calls you out of the blue to ask about cryptocurrency or loves to call you a “stockbroker.” Either way, you know who I’m talking about—and... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 5/12/2021
There’s an old saying: “50% of marketing works. The trouble is, I don’t know which 50%.” Let’s unpack that and learn about your true return on investment. To begin your calculations, you need to itemize where you are investing your marketing dollars. Below you will find a helpful list. As you go... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 5/5/2021
Thanks to COVID, most of our routines have changed. Those moments when we could stop, think and evaluate have been modified. As a personal example, I do my best thinking in the car and my best writing on planes. Not sure why, but these are the two places where ideas tend to “click.” Take a moment... READ MORE
By Rebecca Hourihan | 4/29/2021
In a recent conversation, we asked an advisor client, “What’s your marketing plan?” They replied, “We don’t have one.” If that sounds like your business today, no worries—you’re not alone. It was found that 77% of advisors have no defined marketing strategy.[1] So, in this post we’re going to... READ MORE