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Spencer X Smith

By Spencer X Smith | 9/18/2023
Free Your Time to Do What AI Cannot Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming every industry, including ours. It’s automating tasks that once took hours, even days, to complete—data analysis, portfolio construction, risk assessment, you name it. But there’s one thing AI simply cannot replace,... READ MORE
By Spencer X Smith | 5/26/2023
Confused about cryptocurrency? Here’s how investors are making money. Warren Buffett famously said, “If you’ve been playing poker for half an hour and you still don’t know who the patsy is, you’re the patsy.” A close relative of this maxim was coined regarding social media: “If you’re not paying... READ MORE
By Spencer X Smith | 2/9/2023
Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has grown by a factor of 10 in the last 25 months. This $54 billion industry offers eye-watering rates of return—but are the rewards worth the risks? What does Decentralized Finance actually mean? DeFi is a series of permissionless systems. Unlike other financial tools... READ MORE
By Spencer X Smith | 11/10/2022
Here’s how the digital version of you can help you achieve more confidence in your real-life interactions. “If you get a hit three times for each 10 at bats, you’ll be in the Hall of Fame.” This adage from professional baseball offers such great perspective, doesn’t it? Even if you fail 70% of the... READ MORE
By Spencer X Smith | 9/21/2022
In the early 2000s I was the drummer for a small rock band. I also booked the shows. I realized early on that success as a rock band—just like anything else—was more about networking and less about talent. Band promoters are the ones who have the power to get you exposure, especially to groups... READ MORE
By Spencer X Smith | 5/11/2022
In the spring of last year, I finally aped in. Cryptocurrency had been on my radar for a while, but I hadn’t taken the time to learn how it worked or why it had appeal.  That changed after learning about the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). Like almost every startup entity, they had a business plan,... READ MORE
By Spencer X Smith | 3/23/2022
Who would you like to be online? How can you find your social media personality type to intentionally engage within digital communities?  Social media success is based on connecting with others and interacting with them on a regular basis. Finding a way to express your passions and interests... READ MORE
By Spencer X Smith | 1/13/2022
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a core component of measuring your business objectives. They’re often viewed as critical mileposts of success as specific KPI targets are both set and achieved. Before you establish which KPIs you’re going to track in your social media activities, however, it’s... READ MORE
By Spencer X Smith | 8/18/2021
How much money should you spend on marketing? Is there a good rule of thumb? Is it 2% of revenue? 5%? Should it vary based on your industry specialties? Digital marketing further complicates the equation since we have data available on everything we do online. What’s important and what’s not?... READ MORE
By Spencer X Smith | 6/30/2021
Open your inbox and count how many times you’ve received an email like the following: “Hey Jane Doe, I’m just following up to see if you received my last email.” Or I’m “touching base” or “checking in.” Doesn’t it seem like many digital salespeople follow this same impersonal sequence?: Cold... READ MORE
By Spencer X Smith | 3/18/2021
Before COVID-19, winning new business in the qualified plan space consisted of getting the right handful of people on a plane or in a car, sending them to the prospect’s location, and allowing them to work their magic in person.  That might consist of a boardroom pitch, nice dinner out, and taking... READ MORE
By Spencer X Smith | 12/21/2020
In 2002, our rock band Myopic Son started to get pretty big in West Lafayette, IN. We won a battle-of-the-bands competition at Purdue University, home to about 40,000 students. As a result, we earned a booking at the “Slayter Slammer,” an annual concert to kick off the start of fall semester. ... READ MORE
By Spencer X Smith | 8/6/2020
Benjamin Franklin will never know this, but he gave you and me the only social media strategy we need: “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”  Said another way, produce content that will be interesting to other people. What Mr. Franklin didn’t know, back when he was... READ MORE
By Spencer X Smith | 6/25/2020
I woke up before dawn for a year. Here’s what I learned, and how it can help you. I’ve always been a morning person. As a kid growing up, I was the first one awake in my house. I’m not sure why, but my parents strongly encouraged me—at a very early age—to get a morning paper route. As I write... READ MORE
By Spencer X Smith | 5/28/2020
A medical director friend of mine from Yale recently shared an important story with me about his involvement with the AIDS epidemic in 1988-1989.  “When the epidemic was at its height, two groups, one from Yale and the other from the World Health Organization (WHO), got together to just talk... READ MORE
By Spencer X Smith | 3/18/2020
Here’s a phrase I’m striving to eliminate from my vocabulary: “I have to…” This occurred to me recently when speaking to my children. I used to say things like the following, whether to the kids, peers, or colleagues: “I have to go to work.” “I have to go to a meeting.” “I have to finish... READ MORE
By Spencer X Smith | 2/26/2020
Before my firm AmpliPhi Social Media Strategies was born, I was a very, very minor rockstar. There were some surprising business lessons I learned while performing as the drummer in (and manager of) Myopic Son.  Twenty years ago this month, our band recorded our first CD. This project shaped me... READ MORE
By Spencer X Smith | 1/29/2020
When I was still wholesaling 401(k) plans in 2013, I was on an advisory board tasked with helping to devise our company’s social media strategy.  We bought a software system that allowed our field sales reps to push a button and share company-approved social media content. Back then, that was the... READ MORE
By Spencer X Smith | 12/23/2019
Financial services companies are some of the most generous entities in existence. Here’s how to ensure that both you and the charities, nonprofits, etc., that you’re supporting gain the maximum amount of exposure and awareness for their causes. Utilizing social media before, during and after... READ MORE
By Spencer X Smith | 8/29/2019
One day in 1980, I was dropped off by a police officer at my parents’ house for a reason that may never have happened in all of history, except for that day. As a 4-year-old kid growing up in Milwaukee, I learned that there was one way I could easily make money: collecting aluminum cans. I noticed... READ MORE