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Ted Godbout

By Ted Godbout | 8/2/2017
A new report from the Defined Contribution Institutional Investment Association (DCIIA) contends that leveraging auto features, minimizing money out and helping to eliminate barriers to long-term retirement savings are three key steps that DC plan stakeholders can take to help Americans prepare for... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 7/28/2017
New survey results from LPL Financial suggest that well-targeted tax incentives for either starting a retirement plan or automatically enrolling employees in one may be a powerful motivator for small businesses to adopt and enhance a retirement plan for their employees.Based on the survey’s... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 7/27/2017
As the evolution of DC plans continue, plan sponsors are shifting from a “traditional view” of offering plans as a recruitment and retention tool to focusing more on participant outcomes, according to a new study by J.P. Morgan.In the report, “2017 Defined Contribution Plan Sponsor Survey Findings... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 7/25/2017
As more states look to establish retirement savings plans for private sector workers, a new report by LIMRA’s Secure Retirement Institute finds that 55% of DC plan sponsors indicate they are “very likely” or “somewhat likely” to stop offering their DC plan in favor of having their employees enroll... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 7/24/2017
The 2017 NAPA DC Fly-In Forum featured a panel discussion with two leading ERISA attorneys about how they view today’s landscape of 401(k) and 403(b) plan litigation. The panel was moderated by David Levine of the Groom Law Group.Evolving Plaintiffs’ StrategyAddressing where we stand today with... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 7/21/2017
Noting that some experts believe that a persistently high part-time employment rate may be a “new normal,” Guardian’s fourth annual Workplace Benefits Study, Part-Time Nation, contends that many part-timers are falling behind financially because part-time workers and contractors are often... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 7/21/2017
The United States fell three spots to number 17 among 43 countries in a newly released Global Retirement Index that provides a measure of how supportive the climate is for retirement across nations in the developed world.Despite strong showings in health care spending and strength of financial... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 7/21/2017
Failing to repeal the tax increases contained in the Affordable Care Act will make it much more difficult for Congress to achieve full-fledged, revenue-neutral tax reform. That was one of the key takeaways that emerged from the 2017 NAPA DC Fly-In Forum, held July 18-19 in Washington, DC.Fly-In... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 7/20/2017
Testifying before a July 19 House Ways & Means Subcommittee on Tax Policy hearing on simplifying the tax code, NAPA Vice President Jania Stout offered several recommendations to help make it easier for small businesses to offer retirement plans and for American workers to save in these plans.... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 7/19/2017
Kicking off the first day of the 5th annual NAPA DC Fly-In Forum July 18, Senate Finance Committee member Ben Cardin (D-MD) expressed his unwavering support for the current tax incentives for retirement savings, noting that a fundamental point for him on tax reform will be to first “do no harm.”... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 7/18/2017
While firms of all sizes experienced growth, the fastest-growing RIA firms paired referrals with comprehensive marketing strategies, attracting new client assets at 2.4 times the rate of all other firms, according to a new study.Charles Schwab’s 2017 RIA Benchmarking Study also found that... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 7/18/2017
To help prevent retirement plan cashout leakage when workers change jobs, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) and 10 other GOP Senators plan to send a letter today to Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta asking the DOL to issue guidance clarifying the application of ERISA to auto portability features — that is, ones... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 7/14/2017
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on July 13 unveiled revised draft legislation to repeal and replace most of Obamacare. The new draft retains the provisions to expand and enhance health savings accounts (HSAs).Following House passage in May of legislation to replace Obamacare, Senate... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 7/14/2017
Witnesses at a House Financial Services subcommittee hearing July 13 largely offered their support for legislation to repeal the current DOL fiduciary rule and direct the Securities and Exchange Commission to take the lead in regulating the standards of care for investment advice.Of the five... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 7/14/2017
What do an employer, a health insurance industry representative and a doctor have in common? They all apparently support various reforms to help health savings accounts thrive as an important savings vehicle to address short- and long-term health care costs.Four panels of speakers at a June 12... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 7/12/2017
Employees are increasingly looking to their employers for financial support and believe that employers also have a responsibility for their health and well-being.What’s most interesting about that statement is that a higher percentage of employers agree with it than employees. In fact, the percent... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 7/11/2017
Automatic enrollment is the single most important feature an employer can adopt for Millennials and new hires to participate in a company’s DC plan, according to a new study from Wells Fargo.Based on an analysis of four million people who participate in 401(k) plans provided by the firm, Wells... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 7/11/2017
Despite last year’s positive market conditions and relatively upbeat investors, overall satisfaction among financial advisors with their firms declined last year and the drop is highest among top producers, J.D. Power warns in a new report.According to the firm's 2017 U.S. Financial Advisor... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 7/10/2017
Regardless of income level, more than 60% of respondents in a new survey by MassMutual agree that they are behind when it comes to preparing for retirement, and many expressed a need for more education about retirement savings and personal financial management.The overall survey results show... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 7/7/2017
While the most commonly used advisor compensation method remained flat basis points, more plans are electing a tiered method, according to a new report by Ascensus.The report, “Inside America’s Savings Plans,” shows that flat basis points declined by four percentage points, from 91% in 2011 to 87%... READ MORE