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Ted Godbout

By Ted Godbout | 2/23/2023
There’s good news and bad news in Fidelity Investments’ year-end 2022 analysis of savings behaviors and account balances. First the bad news. Fidelity’s analysis shows that average account balances for 401(k)s, 403(b)s and IRAs all dropped by more than 20% from year-end 2021 to year-end 2022. The... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 2/22/2023
American households that adopt some or all of five key financial wellness behaviors are more likely to be saving more and better positioned for building wealth, but “retirement savings” is one of the most difficult behaviors to adopt, according to the findings of a new report. Hearts & Wallets... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 2/22/2023
Total costs for 401(k) plans, once again, declined for both small and large retirement plans, with investment fees leading the decline—though smaller plans are still paying slightly more.  This is according to the 23rd edition of the 401k Averages Book, which reveals that total investment costs... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 2/17/2023
In the increasingly escalating battle over the use of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in determining retirement investments, congressional Democrats are pushing back. The latest salvo comes from Sen. Tina Smith (D-MN) who reintroduced legislation—the Freedom to Invest in a... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 2/16/2023
While the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 attempts to help stem the tide from escalating retiree health care costs, new estimates show that the typical retired couple can still expect to pay far north of six figures for health care costs in retirement.    In fact, the research by the Employee... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 2/15/2023
In what appears to take direct aim at cryptocurrency, newly proposed amendments by the Securities and Exchange Commission would expand the current custody rule to include any client assets of which an adviser has custody.  The Commission voted 4-1, with Republican Commissioner Mark Uyeda voting in... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 2/14/2023
More registered investment advisors (RIAs) reportedly are exploring adding a custodian in the next year, but there may be challenges, as only a few currently dominate the market. In fact, one in four RIAs are considering adding a custodian in the next year, according to The Cerulli Report—U.S. RIA... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 2/14/2023
Lower-cost collective investment trusts (CITs) continue to eat away at mutual funds’ hold on target date funds and are expected to be the primary target date vehicle in 2023, a new report suggests. Consider that at the end of 2017, mutual fund-based target-dates (TDs) held 63% of target-date... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 2/13/2023
A new consortium called the Portability Services Network (PSN) that helps workers who change employers automatically move their workplace retirement savings to their new retirement plan has gained another partner.   Colorado-based Empower will join forces with the Retirement Clearinghouse (RCH),... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 2/9/2023
While average account balances decreased by 20% in 2022, participant behavior in retirement plans mostly remained positive, as most continued to maintain a long-term view on their retirement savings goals.   Why? Continued adoption of automatic enrollment over the last two decades and the use of... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 2/8/2023
Announcing a significant change to its 2023 examination priorities, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Division of Examinations advises that the new Marketing Rule will now be a core examination review area for registered investment advisers (RIAs). Accordingly, the division will, among... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 2/8/2023
Newly released data from year-end 2022 shows that the volume and dollar amount of 401(k) loans and hardship withdrawals decreased, but there were some nuances to the findings.  In a new quarterly report that draws on data from more than 3 million 401(k) plan participants, Bank of America’s 401(k)... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 2/6/2023
So says a new report from Cerulli suggesting that, as fee-based financial advice combined with financial planning becomes the industry standard, financial advisors must find new ways to differentiate their practice. And one way in which they can do so is to aggregate client relationships on the... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 2/3/2023
Enactment of the SECURE 2.0 Act, ongoing industry innovations, and the aim to provide greater personalization are among the many opportunities that plan sponsors have to align DC plan features, practices and investments with participant needs. Indeed, the need for greater personalization of the... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 1/31/2023
Faced with rising inflation and economic uncertainty, many Americans have renewed fears that they are unprepared to manage their short- and long-term healthcare finances, and believe their employer should be doing more to help.   This is according to new survey results by Alegeus, which find that... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 1/31/2023
A new risk alert from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) warns that some firms are still not meeting their obligations under Regulation Best Interest (Reg BI) and encourages broker-dealers (BDs) to review their practices and procedures to address the issues raised. The SEC’s Division of... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 1/30/2023
New state mandates, tax incentives and other factors are leading many plan advisors to anticipate significant practice growth in the small plan 401(k) market in the coming year. Results from Vestwell’s fourth-annual Retirement Trends Report reveal that 40% of advisors anticipate their practice to... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 1/26/2023
In the face of prolonged economic uncertainty and volatility, many investors are rethinking what life after retirement may look like and are adjusting their priorities accordingly. According to Nationwide Retirement Institute’s eighth annual Advisor Authority, nearly 7 in 10 (69%) non-retired... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 1/25/2023
Many financial advisors are skeptical about serving young investors because they don't think they can afford advice or be served profitably in the short term, but new research suggests that—contrary to stereotypes—young investors can be attractive clients for wealth management firms. In fact, the... READ MORE
By Ted Godbout | 1/24/2023
Asked about their views on defined contribution plans, an overwhelming majority of respondents in a new survey say they value the investment opportunity 401(k) plans provide and are opposed to changing the tax preferences or investment control in those accounts. In fact, nearly 9 in 10 individuals... READ MORE