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Michael Bushnell

By Michael Bushnell | 10/28/2015
A recent study advocating for more government intervention in private retirement marketplaces makes a few questionable assumptions, Nevin Adams writes in the Fall 2015 issue of NAPA Net the Magazine.Adams critiques the findings of professors Ryan Bubb and Patrick Corrigan, who authored “A... READ MORE
By Michael Bushnell | 10/21/2015
When combined with features such as automatic enrollment, participant education has boosted participation rates over the past decade, says Jania Stout, but advisors are ignoring the day-to-day financial stressors that cause plan leakage and keep savings levels down.Writing in the Summer 2015 issue... READ MORE
By Michael Bushnell | 10/16/2015
With so much attention being paid to the potential impacts of the DOL’s fiduciary rule proposal, NAPA Executive Director Brian Graff points out that there is a lesser known consequence to the rule that could be equally calamitous for both advisors and participants.In the Summer 2015 issue of NAPA... READ MORE
By Michael Bushnell | 10/8/2015
Plan leakage is a major roadblock to achieving broad retirement readiness, with 45% of DC participants cashing out their plan balances upon leaving their job, according to one report. There are many reasons why participants cash out, notes Warren Cormier of Boston Research Technologies, and some... READ MORE
By Michael Bushnell | 10/1/2015
A new study from Fidelity finds that the number of plan sponsors who are satisfied with their advisor continues to rise, while also revealing a strong correlation between auto-enrollment and overall plan participation.According to the sixth annual edition of Fidelity’s “Plan Sponsor Attitudes”... READ MORE
By Michael Bushnell | 9/30/2015
As more businesses transition from DB plans to 401(k)s, it’s getting harder for employers to project when their retirement-age workers will actually walk away from the job.Writing in the most recent 2015 issue of NAPA Net the Magazine, Steff Chalk notes that if employers don’t ensure that their 401... READ MORE
By Michael Bushnell | 9/23/2015
There are countless acronyms that advisors need to know, from types of investments, to regulatory organizations, to the kinds of plans they offer. But as Fred Barstein notes in the most recent issue of NAPA Net the Magazine, many of the major features of the DC plan market are united not by a... READ MORE
By Michael Bushnell | 9/17/2015
As the Department of Labor continues moving its fiduciary rule forward, Jerry Bramlett argues that advisors will have no choice but to steer more plans toward passive index investments, with potentially damaging effects to participants.Writing in the most recent issue of NAPA Net the Magazine,... READ MORE
By Michael Bushnell | 9/15/2015
A new study reveals not just a chasm between the retirement readiness of women and men, but also an opportunity for employers and advisors to work together to close that gap.The Financial Finesse study, “2015 Gender Gap in Financial Wellness,” finds a 26% gap between the median 45-year-old American... READ MORE
By Michael Bushnell | 9/9/2015
The overall savings outlook for older workers isn’t as dire as a recent GAO report contends, according to Nevin Adams, who stresses that these reports often miss a larger point: Americans with access to a retirement plan are far better off than those without it.In his “Inside the Numbers” column in... READ MORE
By Michael Bushnell | 9/2/2015
While the accumulation phase of retirement saving has traditionally been the focus of most plan advisors, ensuring the adequacy of retirement income throughout the decumulation phase is garnering more attention these days. With that in mind, the cover story of the Summer 2015 issue of NAPA Net the... READ MORE
By Michael Bushnell | 8/27/2015
Many 401(k) plan participants' accounts aren’t properly allocated to meet their changing needs. And while target date funds can remedy this problem, many sponsors are reluctant to implement large-scale changes, even if they result in stronger portfolios. In an article in NAPA Net’s Participant... READ MORE
By Michael Bushnell | 8/21/2015
A new study from Transamerica paints a mostly bleak picture for American workers, with a majority saying they still haven’t fully recovered from the Great Recession. At the same time, that unease is creating new opportunities for advisors, as more Americans express interest in professional... READ MORE
By Michael Bushnell | 8/19/2015
As DC plans continue to be prevalent in the retirement plan market, 401(k) professionals should consider investment alternatives that have long been popular in DB plans, according to David Kupperman and Scott Kilgallen of Neuberger Berman. In an article posted on NAPA Net’s Outcomes resource page,... READ MORE
By Michael Bushnell | 8/17/2015
With many American workers saying they could have saved more, and sooner, a large majority of employees support access to plans with automatic enrollment, according to a new study.American Century Investments’ third annual “Defined Contribution Plan Participation Study” interviewed 2,031 DC plan... READ MORE
By Michael Bushnell | 8/12/2015
Index strategies are growing in popularity as an alternative to active plan management, says BlackRock’s Chip Castille — but investors who think of index vs. active as an either/or decision are making a false choice.In an article posted in NAPA Net’s Participant Outcomes library, Castille analyzes... READ MORE
By Michael Bushnell | 8/10/2015
Plan loan activity was down for the sixth consecutive winter, according to a report from the Investment Company Institute.According to the report from Sarah Holden and Daniel Schrass at ICI, 17.4% of plans had outstanding loans in the first quarter of 2015, the lowest number since the first quarter... READ MORE
By Michael Bushnell | 8/7/2015
A new study from Prudential finds that while African-Americans have comparable access to retirement plans at work as the rest of the country, they tend to participate in the plans less often — and they are less likely to work with financial advisors.Just 14% of African-American respondents reported... READ MORE
By Michael Bushnell | 8/7/2015
SEC Commissioner Daniel M. Gallagher isn’t conceding any ground in his opposition to the Labor Department’s “conflict of interest” proposal.In a comment letter to Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez, Securities and Exchange Commission member Daniel M. Gallagher urged the department to scrap its... READ MORE