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NAPA Net Staff

By NAPA Net Staff | 9/21/2023
NFP announced that it has acquired South Jordan, Utah-based Divergent Wealth Advisors, LLC, expanding the firm’s wealth management and retirement capabilities, and broadening its reach in the West. Divergent is an independent registered investment advisor with more than $675 million in assets... READ MORE
By NAPA Net Staff | 9/20/2023
Today we are pleased and proud to announce the list of nominees for our eighth annual NAPA Top Women Advisors award. From the very beginning, it was clear that this was a recognition with a real impact, both for the individuals recognized, and for the firms that support them. While the... READ MORE
By NAPA Net Staff | 9/20/2023
In our August Third Thursday, we discuss the Safer Act, which became a provision in SECURE 2.0 allowing penalty-free withdrawals from retirement plans for victims of domestic abuse. Given the breadth and scope of domestic violence, this educational session offers background information on the... READ MORE
By NAPA Net Staff | 9/18/2023
HUB Retirement and Private Wealth (HUB RPW), a division of Hub International Limited (HUB), on Sept. 18 announced the launch of a new pooled employer plan (PEP) specifically designed for small- to mid-sized organizations.   Named the HUB Retirement Select 100+, the PEP targets employers with 100... READ MORE
By NAPA Net Staff | 9/14/2023
Interest in guaranteed lifetime income is growing, but plan participants want more than just a reliable monthly income stream. Flexibility, accessibility, and other personalized features are paramount to helping participants achieve outcomes aligned with their unique priorities. We sit down with... READ MORE
By NAPA Net Staff | 9/12/2023
What's in the episode?: How do you expand retirement plan coverage for workers at scale (close the coverage gap), leverage the behavioral benefits of payroll deduction, and not place an undue burden on employers? One solution is increasingly effective—state-facilitated plans. Retirement policy... READ MORE
By NAPA Net Staff | 9/11/2023
The Department of Labor’s Employee Benefits Security Administration is seeking nominations to fill five vacancies to serve three-year terms on the ERISA Advisory Council, known officially as the Advisory Council on Employee Welfare and Pension Benefit Plans. Nominations are being accepted for one... READ MORE
By NAPA Net Staff | 9/10/2023
Sponsored By: Fee compression and commoditization have hit every area of financial services--retirement advisors are no exception and it’s only slated to get worse. Why, and how is it addressed? Much more will have to be done with much less, but it will create resilience and will improve the... READ MORE
By NAPA Net Staff | 9/9/2023
The Department of Labor sent a new version of a proposed fiduciary rule to the Office of Management and Budget late Friday for review.   Known officially as “Conflict of Interest in Investment Advice,” it would redefine fiduciary investment advice under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act... READ MORE
By NAPA Net Staff | 9/5/2023
Who does it best? Which recordkeepers—and the services, support, products, and processes they provide—truly stand out? There are few in a better position to evaluate the multitude of offerings now available than advisors, who typically work with various firms across different market segments... READ MORE
By NAPA Net Staff | 9/2/2023
Financial wellness remains both a hot topic of interest and enthusiasm—how, if at all, does HSA education fit in?  Oddly, despite the passion many advisors have for financial wellness as a focus, it turned out to be one of what the 600+ advisor respondents to the 2023 Summit Insider classified as... READ MORE
By NAPA Net Staff | 9/1/2023
IPX Retirement has announced the addition of two new industry partners that will be implementing the firm’s IPX Plan Governance Program (PGP), as well as its Master Recordkeeping solution. According to the Aug. 29 announcement, IPX Retirement is currently implementing its Master Recordkeeper and... READ MORE
By NAPA Net Staff | 8/31/2023
Amidst a highly politicized environment, retirement plan litigation recently has focused on the inclusion of ESG (environmental, social & governance) factors—or the lack thereof. Nevin (Adams) and Fred (Reish) examine the issue(s) and implications.     While the Biden administration’s... READ MORE
By NAPA Net Staff | 8/30/2023
Global retirement technology provider Smart has announced wider availability of its fiduciary services to advisory firms, recordkeepers and third-party administrators to provide pooled employer plans (PEPs) and single employer plans, according to an announcement by the firm. Because employers... READ MORE
By NAPA Net Staff | 8/29/2023
World Insurance Associates has entered into an agreement to purchase Waukesha, Wisconsin-based Financial Solutions, adding to the World financial services division led by Pensionmark CEO Troy Hammond. As an independent registered investment advisor established in 1993, Financial Solutions... READ MORE
By NAPA Net Staff | 8/17/2023
An important part of SECURE 2.0 that should garner more attention is The Savings Access for Escaping and Rebuilding (SAFER) Act. It allows for a Section 72(t) withdrawal, without the 10% additional tax on early distributions, from qualified retirement plans for survivors of domestic abuse. It... READ MORE
By NAPA Net Staff | 8/11/2023
Following The Standard’s recent acquisition of Securian Financial’s retirement plan recordkeeping business, the firm has introduced seven new products and services to its retirement plan recordkeeping business. According to the announcement, those include pooled employer plans, Automated Clearing... READ MORE
By NAPA Net Staff | 8/9/2023
That next wave of fiduciary litigation seems to be expanding, based on social media outreach by the law firm of Schlichter Bogard. The litigation’s basis is found in the provisions of the innocuously labeled Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 (CAA)—provisions said by some to be “the most... READ MORE
By NAPA Net Staff | 8/8/2023
The latest entrant into the retirement income space comes in the form of a new target-date fund. Nuveen, the investment manager of TIAA, has just introduced the Nuveen Lifecycle Income Series, a target date solution for defined contribution plans that it says offers plan participants guaranteed... READ MORE
By NAPA Net Staff | 8/3/2023
There’s an old practice getting some new attention these days—“reenrollment.” In this episode, Nevin and Fred take a look at the trend and its implications.     Let’s face it, just because circumstances weren’t right for joining the plan a year ago doesn’t mean they should be overlooked... READ MORE