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Portal Conductor, Columnist: Jania Stout

Jania Stout was NAPA’s 2019-2020 President. She is the co-founder (in 2014) and managing director of Fiduciary Plan Advisors at Hightower, in Owings Mills, MD. Previously she founded the Fiduciary Consulting Group at PSA, growing the practice from $300 million to nearly $3 billion from 2009 to 2014. She began her career at ADP’s Retirement Solutions Division, and has also served as a senior account executive at Fidelity Investments.

Jania has served on the NAPA Leadership Council since 2014. Her team was honored with NAPA’s 401(k) Advisor Leadership Award in 2013, and she has been named to NAPA’s Top Women Advisors list in multiple years.

Article Index

By Jania Stout 4/8/2020
My term as NAPA President has come to an end. I am thankful that I have had this opportunity. It was quite a year, with the fantastic conferences and events put on by NAPA. Whether you are a new plan advisor trying to learn the basics or a senior plan advisor looking to share idea with your peers... READ MORE
By Jania Stout 1/8/2020
In the fall issue of NAPA Net the Magazine, I wrote about the “Butterfly Effect” and how I truly feel that it is our industry and our awesome plan advisors that kicked off the idea of collapsing the silos around the health and wealth discussions.  We have been forward thinkers about financial... READ MORE
By Jania Stout 10/31/2019
I don’t know if you have noticed the shift, but everywhere I turn, I see it. I feel that nearly every article I read or discussion I have with a client is about helping employees find purpose and feel less stress. It’s refreshing that employers are more concerned about their employees’ well-being... READ MORE
By Jania Stout 7/10/2019
When I sat down to write this, my first column as NAPA President, I quickly realized that I will never be able to write a President’s message like our Past President, Jeff Acheson. Jeff is a master of wordsmithing and, as those who attended this year’s 401(k) Summit know, he is famous for his “... READ MORE