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Portal Conductor, Columnist: Jeff Acheson

Jeffery Acheson, CPFA, was NAPA’s 2018-2019 President. Jeff is the founder of Advanced Strategies Group, LLC, which delivers a fiduciary-based business model focusing on high-income individuals, high-net-worth families, successful companies, mid-size retirement plan sponsors and charitable organizations.

Article Index

By Jeff Acheson 4/3/2019
As I write this, my final column as NAPA President, I can’t help but reflect on the musings and observations within my previous columns and try to reconcile those thoughts with the announcements and observations of late by others. The predominant issues of the past will not likely drive our... READ MORE
By Jeff Acheson 1/10/2019
I am writing this quarter’s column fresh on the heels of participating in the American Retirement Association’s semi-annual Board of Directors meeting. For those who are not aware, the Board is comprised of current and past leaders of the various sister associations under the ARA umbrella, along... READ MORE
By Jeff Acheson 10/4/2018
In my previous column, “Innovate, or Evaporate,” I outlined all the things NAPA has done and must continue to do to stay relevant as an organization in the retirement security discourse taking place at many levels today. This dialogue is being assessed from a plethora of different and at times... READ MORE
By Jeff Acheson 6/28/2018
The S&P 500 was introduced in 1957 as a benchmark index designed to track the value of the 500 largest companies in the United States. Today, approximately 60, or just 12% of that original 500, are still included in the index. Bankruptcies, mergers and acquisitions certainly have taken their... READ MORE
By Jeff Acheson 6/19/2018
If so, there’s a good reason.Just prior to the Nashville 401(k) Summit I wrote a short post about the importance of attending the conference and why my strong feelings were primarily attributable to my experience with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). I recounted how past decisions to attend certain... READ MORE
By Jeff Acheson 1/10/2018
Ever ask yourself what your personal and professional life would have looked like if you had missed certain seminal introductions, relationships, exposures or meetings?In every life there are key moments – critical decisions, turning points, pivotal moments that can completely transform – for good... READ MORE