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Portal Conductor: Jewell Lim Esposito

Jewell Lim Esposito is a partner at the law firm FisherBroyles, LLC. She has 25 years of experience in ERISA and employee benefit taxation, specializing in ERISA Title I and Title II matters.

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By Jewell Lim Esposito 6/6/2018
The ERISA-mandated fidelity bond is not the same thing as fiduciary insurance.ERISA Fidelity BondThe ERISA fidelity bond protects the plan (not the fiduciary) from losses caused by fraud, dishonesty, misappropriation or embezzlement (which this author has witnessed one too many times) by people who... READ MORE
By Jewell Lim Esposito 2/1/2018
A growing number of plan advisors are salivating over the next big thing: being able to have not only retirement assets under management, but also all the assets that their clients’ employees might set aside in health savings accounts (HSAs).This comes at a time when your clients are really... READ MORE