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Portal Conductor, Columnist: Spencer X Smith

Spencer X Smith writes about social media for NAPA Net and NAPA Net the Magazine. He is the founder of AmpliPhi Social Media Strategies, instructor at the University of Wisconsin, and Adjunct Faculty at Rutgers University. A former 401(k) wholesaler, he now teaches financial services professionals how to use social media for business development. You can reach Spencer at

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By Spencer X Smith 6/4/2019
When I was just out of college – technically, while I was still in college – I had the good fortune to be hired by IBM. Big Blue describes its three core values as: dedication to every client’s success; innovation that matters, for our company and for the world; and trust and personal... READ MORE
By Spencer X Smith 2/13/2019
I start many of my presentations by asking the audience for their reaction to this statement: “Social media is more biological than mathematical.” After a short while, they begin to make the connection. “When you’re posting and interacting on social media, you are interacting with people,” they... READ MORE
By Spencer X Smith 11/15/2018
Not really. Try this instead.Imagine someone walking down the street wearing a t-shirt for your favorite band. How easy is it to start up a conversation by saying, “That’s my favorite band! Have you seen them live?” Your shared love of that band will provide a subject over which to connect,... READ MORE
By Spencer X Smith 9/13/2018
What does “success” on social media look like for your financial services organization? Oftentimes, we look at metrics such as followers, likes, comments and shares, but do those engagement numbers drive business results?Instead, let’s start with a top-down approach to how your company can use... READ MORE
By Spencer X Smith 7/19/2018
LinkedIn is often credited with coining the term “employee advocacy” as the active promotion of your company by the people who work for it.Sounds easy enough… just tell your employees that they need to share good news about your company or its products or services, and you’re done, right? If that... READ MORE
By Spencer X Smith 6/21/2018
Like many who grew up in the ’80s and ’90s, I was super-interested in baseball cards. Remember what we used to do to get a player’s autograph? We had two options: hope to find the player at a game itself, whether during the season or in spring training, or send a baseball card through the mail. We... READ MORE
By Spencer X Smith 5/10/2018
On April 11, I turned on the Milwaukee Brewers game. Not on broadcast TV, not on cable TV, and not even on the radio. On Facebook. Yep, “Facebook Watch,” the firm’s newest product, livestreamed my beloved Brewers against the St. Louis Cardinals.Facebook is spending an estimated $25M-$30M... READ MORE
By Spencer X Smith 3/15/2018
The 2018 NAPA 401(k) Summit in Nashville is just around the corner. How can you maximize your results when you attend? I had the good fortune of speaking at the 2017 Summit in Las Vegas as well as 26 other conferences last year, and I’ve found that there are three social media strategies you can... READ MORE
By Spencer X Smith 1/25/2018
How do you feel when it comes to each of these three terms: cost, price and fees? Can they be used interchangeably, or should you concentrate on using – or not using – one of them when communicating with your customers? After doing 3,000 in-person sales 401(k) meetings from June 2008 to January... READ MORE
By Spencer X Smith 8/9/2017
You and I know our customers will look for us on social media before making a phone call or stopping by our offices. Guess what? You don’t need a separate policy governing how your employees will represent you on social media.What better way is there to stay top of mind with your target audience... READ MORE
By Spencer X Smith 7/27/2017
For every person who is addicted to social media, there’s another person who has sworn it off for fear of getting “sucked into the void.” Because of this, there are hundreds of professionals who are missing out on opportunities to use social media outlets, especially LinkedIn, for specific business... READ MORE
By Spencer X Smith 2/7/2017
How many times have you gotten an email with one of these three subject lines?I’ve received dozens of emails like this and am guilty of sending a whole bunch of them too. They are: “Checking In” “Touching Base” “Following Up”Think about it: Aren’t these just euphemisms for, “Wanna buy my stuff?”... READ MORE