Announcing – the 2017 Top DC Wholesalers!

Today we are pleased to announce our fourth annual list of NAPA Top 100 Defined Contribution (DC) Wholesalers, as selected by the nation’s leading retirement plan advisors.

We call them “Wingmen” because if they are doing their job, they have your back – and this year’s group certainly fits that bill. Once again, we received a record number of nominations (30% higher than a year ago) – and received a record number of votes from advisors (again, on top of last year’s record response).

Finalists for this year’s list of Top 100 DC Wholesalers were selected based on those votes cast by several thousand advisors from a list of nearly 600 wholesalers nominated by NAPA Firm Partner record keepers and DCIOs.

With an estimated 1,400 record keeping and DCIO external wholesalers working directly with advisors, this 2017 Wingmen list represents the top 7% of the industry. In addition to the Top 100 list, we have also compiled lists of the top 10 DC wholesalers in the record keeper and DCIO categories.

The lists will be published in the fall issue of NAPA Net the Magazine.

Our congratulations to these Wingmen (and women!), and the firms that support them – and our thanks to all of you who supported this recognition with your votes!

The list(s) are available here.

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