All Quiet on the Legislative Front? Hardly.

Think there’s nothing going on on the legislative front? Think again. And it could have a dramatic impact on retirement savings.

Believe it or not, while the talk outside the Beltway has largely focused on the prospects for even more gridlock, the prospects for positive retirement plan legislation might have just brightened.

This very week – “lame duck” session or not, the House is expected to vote on a wide-ranging tax package – including a number of retirement savings provisions , setting the stage for negotiations on a year-end tax package.

What kinds of stuff? “Open” MEPs, for one, not to mention enhancements for small businesses to start a retirement plan, changes to required minimum distributions, an annuity purchase safe harbor for employers, provisions to enhance lifetime income portability, and an increase in the current cap on contributions under the automatic enrollment safe harbor (QACA) contributions, from 10% to 15%.

Will it pass the House? Probably. Will it make it into law? Well, that’s where things get…”sticky.”

And then there’s the initiatives underway by the Trump administration: President Trump’s executive orders on Association Retirement Plans, RMDs, and e-delivery – the need for clarity on the fiduciary implications when advisors service retirement plans and advise participants on rollovers (a remnant concern of ours due to the DOL’s vacated fiduciary investment advice rule), and the emerging interest of individual states in crafting their own fiduciary standards.

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