Why Attend the 30th Anniversary NTSA Summit?

Why attend the 30th Anniversary NTSA Summit? It’s the highlight of my professional year!

This is because of the following:

  • NETWORKING with the best of the best, the role model Elite Advisors
  • MENTORING new attendees, who are bringing fresh ideas
  • APPRECIATING stories of tradition with business elders
  • BEING SURPRISED by notable industry experts, who are answering my questions
  • FOLLOWING THROUGH on my goals to always grow and improve
  • QUESTIONING the old norm to jump ahead
  • STRATEGIZING outside the boring box
  • APPRECIATING the challenges of my peers, who want me to be better
  • RECREATING with new and old friends in a fun, warm place in January
  • PAYING IT FORWARD by volunteering for NTSA advocacy, governance, conferences, awards and leadership
  • GOING BACK to my offices with a treasureload of sales ideas and business cards
  • HONORING my clients with ever-improving service and care for their success

The 30th Anniversary NTSA Summit will be held in Tampa Jan. 27-29. More information on the summit is available here.

Kristine Coffey is President-Elect of the National Tax-Deferred Savings Association (NTSA), a sister organization of NAPA within the American Retirement Association.

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