TGIF. No, Really.

Think you’ve had a bad week? It could have been worse. Check out what happened to these guys (and gals)…

In Wood River, Illinois, Joshua L.T. Franklin, 19, held up the Wood River Market here… and made his escape… but as it turned out, police didn’t have much trouble finding him after being provided a description

In Sioux City, Iowa, Dennis Strickland, 33, went to make a deposit into his bank account here… That said, the currency was just a bit out of the norm… in that it was a million-dollar bill… but that’s not what got him into trouble with law enforcement…

There are things you shouldn’t be doing at work… things you shouldn’t be doing on your computer at work… and then there are things you really shouldn’t be doing on your computer at work… when your computer screen can be seen by… millions of people… Check it out

In Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, Sean McCullough, 44, was driving along about 4:00 a.m…. Determining that the 12 to 14 beers he had consumed might render his driving dangerous, Sean went to find a “safe” place to pull over… and found one… sort of

It was a record-breaking week for the Transportation Safety Authority (TSA)… but then, the record was only a month old… And here’s a special shout-out for Hotlanta

Just off the coast in San Diego, California, an unnamed couple was having trouble with their boat battery… So, of course they called the Coast Guard… and then they had “trouble”… with the Coast Guard…

And finally, in Thousand Oaks, California, Andrew David Jensen, 42, broke into and burglarized a home here… although he left something behind that made it possible, if not exactly easy, to track him down… No, not that. Not that either. You’ll never get it… Go ahead and click

Have a great weekend, folks!

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