TGIF. No, Really.

If you think you’ve had a bad week, just remember – it could have been worse. Check out what happened to these guys (and gals)…

In Pyeongchang, South Korea, the Norwegian Olympic team wanted to stock up on some provisions for the upcoming Olympic games… They went to order some eggs from a local Korean grocery store… and not being proficient in Korean, relied on Google Translate… And while they got their eggs, they didn’t exactly wind up with what they thought they had ordered…

In Memphis, Tennessee, an unnamed man was having an argument with an unnamed woman in front of an apartment complex here… She was in a car, he was standing in front of the car… He hit the hood of the car; she nudged him with the car… and then… well, he didn’t move, and she didn’t stop… and yes, we have video

In Miami, Florida, Yoel Torres, 54, faces charges of second-degree grand theft, trespassing and criminal mischief… in what might be referred to as a “sting” operation

In Apollo, Pennsylvania, Lonnie Beatty II, 19, was arrested last month following what was described as “a wild confrontation” inside… and outside… a trailer here, where he was found destroying the home’s contents and “assaulting everyone” inside… Apparently even a tazing didn’t slow him down… and it’s not like he had a lot of insulation… well, except for that cooking oil

In Rockwell, North Carolina, Jeff Athey went into the F&M Bank here around 4:00 p.m. recently, pulled out a gun and told the clerk he needed money… He took off in a silver Mustang, but was caught about five minutes later… Oh, and he also lost his job. But perhaps that’s not surprising.

In Titusville, Florida, Mason, a young boy of undetermined age was trying to get one of the stuffed toys out of one of those arcade claw machines… After having trouble with the “normal” approach, Mason went for an alternative… which worked… and yet didn’t… all at the same time…

In Spokane Valley, Washington, Jason M. Tschanz, 46, reported the theft of some property – property that he told law enforcement officials he had purchased from his neighbor… before that neighbor went to jail… But then he said that his neighbor’s girlfriend had come to his apartment… and took (back?) some of the property he had previously purchased… So a deputy swung by to talk to the neighbor… and talked to his girlfriend, who explained that Jason had tried to break into their apartment a couple of weeks ago but was caught by the boyfriend… who had, as it turned out, been in jail for the last few days… But recently, upon returning to the apartment, she noticed several times were missing, including a TV, Xbox and games… Based on the earlier encounter, she immediately suspected Jason… went to his apartment… and encountered Jason’s daughter who, sure enough, confirmed that Jason had brought a TV and Xbox home earlier that morning… So the deputy contacted Jason, who claimed that he purchased the TV, Xbox and other items from his neighbor for $100… So – what was the real story?

And finally, in Willmar, Minnesota, an unnamed 40-year-old built a so-called “rocket bike”… complete with skis, and powered by HEET (yes, the stuff you put in your gas tank to keep gasoline from freezing at very cold temperatures)… and then decided to take off… from his roof. How did it turn out? You’re reading it here, aren’t you?

Have a great weekend, folks!

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