TGIF. No, Really.

Think you’ve had a bad week? It could have been worse. Check out what happened to these guys (and gals)…

In Green Bay, Wisconsin, an unnamed 28-year-old was driving under the influence about 3:15 a.m. .… when he hit a parked car… and then hit another… and then another… and – wait, it gets better

In Huntington, West Virginia, police responded to a shots fired call here one Saturday morning… They surrounded the house… and started calling out everybody in the house with their weapons drawn… and that’s when the people inside the house… chose to start shooting… but with an unusual choice of weapons

In Lakeland, Florida, Howard Van Sweringen, 41, was trying to get the attention of Kristina Fuller, 35… so he followed her… and then he rammed her vehicle… more than once… and then he did something completely unexpected

In Hyderabad, India, an unnamed 36-year-old was taken in for questioning… after his checked-in baggage, which had LED lamps, attracted the attention of the customs staff… When the officials opened the LED lamps, they found eight gold bars, weighing roughly 800 grams, concealed inside the back covers of the lamps… But as it turned out, he had more gold bars concealed… weighing 1.2 kilograms (about 2 pounds)… in a place where, as they say, the sun doesn’t shine…

In Placentia, California, Bob Hoffman, 65, had been saving up his money for years… some $8,000… to take his wife, Linda, 68, on her dream vacation to Italy… and then he went to find the shirt where he had hidden the cash

And finally, in Key West, Florida, Robert Bare, 24, was on vacation here… Now, Robert had it in mind to try meth for the first time while he was on vacation… so before he left from his Arizona home, he mailed some… to the hotel… Now the good news is, he put his name and address on the package… the bad news?

Have a great President’s Day weekend, folks! We’ll be off (as will many of you) on Monday – but we’ll see you back here bright and early on Tuesday…

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