Are Recordkeeping Fees Really Falling?

A recent survey of fairly large plan sponsors suggests that after years of declining, recordkeeper fees plateaued in 2016 – and we’re leaving our reader poll open another week for you to share your experiences.

For years, recordkeeping services – complex and difficult as they can be to provide accurately and consistently (not to mention profitably) – have been characterized (some might say disparaged) as a “commodity,” while fee compression (and the aforementioned complexities) continue to fuel industry consolidation.

However, between the tragic events in Texas this week, school starting for many, and perhaps even just squeezing in some time off ahead of the Labor Day weekend, we’re going to keep the reader poll open for another week. This is an important subject, and I want to make sure everybody has a chance to weigh in.

Reply to this week’s NAPA Net reader poll at

And we’ll have it all wrapped up for you (next) Friday!

Oh, and if you haven’t yet weighed in on the topics for the NAPA 401(k) Summit agenda – well, time’s a-wasting. Come check it out at

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