Are You Talking Tax Reform?

Tax reform continues to be discussed on the Hill, and by President Trump and his cabinet appointees. But are you talking about it – and the potential impact on retirement plans – with your clients?

Last summer we asked readers to weigh in some specific potential aspects of tax reform – the impact if pre-tax deferrals were limited, or if contribution limits were tightened – and, as you might expect, NAPA Net readers were concerned.

The history of retirement plans and tax reform suggest that what’s good for one won’t be as good for the other. Indeed, the last time we had tax reform, the impact on retirement savings limits – and plan formation – wasn’t good (to say the least).

This week, we’d like to know (courtesy of a reader suggestion) – have you – or are you planning to – engage with plan sponsors and participants about the possibility of tax reform and its impact on retirement savings?

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And we’ll wrap it up for you on Friday!

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