Is Roth on the Rise?

A recent survey found the biggest one-year increase in Roth contribution offerings among its clients in 2016, and another recently chronicled the potential impact of a switch to Roth for 401(k)s. In this week’s reader poll, we’d like to know: What are your plan sponsor clients are doing?

T. Rowe Price’s Retirement Plan Services unit saw the biggest one-year increase in Roth contribution offerings in its clients’ 401(k) plans in 2016 — up 10 percentage points, to 61% of the plans for which it provides recordkeeping services – a shift they said was driven in part by participants who now have a better understanding of the benefits of the Roth approach to saving.

Those results mirrored the experience reported earlier this month among plan sponsors recordkept by Vanguard, where the percentage of Vanguard plans offering a Roth feature increased to 65% at year-end 2016, compared to 49% that offered the feature in 2012.

This week, we’d like to know what you’re seeing among the plans you work with – and how you think those trends might be affected by changes in the current laws.

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