What’s Your Take on Tax Reform?

Even though retirement plans seem to be (mostly) off the table (for the present), we don’t yet know all that tax reform might bring. In this week’s reader poll, we’d like to know – based on what you do know about the tax reform proposals, are you in favor, opposed, or – something else?

While differences remain between the versions passed by the House and the Senate (and neither passed by much, and both along strong partisan lines), those differences would appear to be – manageable in conference.

And while the retirement plan provisions seem modest relative to the initial rumors (a notable exception the big change for pass-through entities which, in the Senate version, anyway, is somewhat more problematic now than initially), there are changes on which to keep an eye (see Senate Approves Broad-Based Tax Reform Legislation).

This week, we’d like to know – are you in favor of the tax reform proposals, opposed to them, or perhaps a little of both?

You can reply to this week’s NAPA Net reader poll at https://www.research.net/r/5FMLX2D.

And, as usual, we’ll wrap it all up for you on Friday!

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