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Founded in 1964, Alger is widely recognized as a pioneer of growth-style investment management. Headquartered in New York City with affiliate offices in Boston and London, Alger provides U.S. and non-U.S. institutional investors and financial advisors access to a suite of growth equity separate accounts, mutual funds, and privately offered investment vehicles. Weatherbie Capital, LLC, a Boston-based investment adviser specializing in small and mid-cap growth equity investing, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alger.

The firm was founded with a singular focus to seek to provide superior investment results through intensive, original, bottom‐up fundamental research. This approach has been carried out consistently throughout our 50‐plus year history. Alger is a privately‐owned firm and has been since our founding. We believe this gives Alger the independence to focus the Firm’s resources and professional talent on our unique investment philosophy and process: investing in growth companies in all industries and capitalization ranges and seeking superior performance over the long‐term through many different economic and market cycles. The returns we have produced demonstrate that stocks of companies in high‐growth markets or companies undergoing “Positive Dynamic Change” offer our clients strong investment opportunities, over a full market cycle.

We believe in extensive, original, and fundamental research, which is the cornerstone of our investment process. Our portfolio managers source investment ideas from a large centralized research team of regional and sector/industry experts. We strive to deliver consistently superior results for our clients and are dedicated to helping them achieve their investment goals.


Micro (< $1 million), Small ($1-$10 million), Mid ($10-$100 million), Large ($100 Million – $250 Million), Mega (>$250 million)


  1. Alger Capital Appreciation Fund
  2. Alger Capital Appreciation Focus Fund
  3. Alger Spectra Fund
  4. Alger Smid Cap Focus Fund
  5. Alger Small Cap Focus Fund

Fred Alger & Company, Incorporated


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John P. Carbone
Senior Vice President, Institutional Sales & Service
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Eric Seidman, AIF®
Vice President, Retirement Markets
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Jeffrey Vigilante
Assistant Vice President, Retirement Markets
Fred Alger & Company, Incorporated - Distributor
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