CBS Funding, Inc.

Firm Profile

CBS Funding, Inc. provides fund selection, portfolio design, asset allocation and participant education services to sponsors of qualified retirement plans. CBS Funding assists Plan Sponsors in writing their ERISA required Investment Policy Statement and in reducing their fiduciary liability through compliance with ERISA and the Department of Labor’s regulations regarding qualified plan assets.

CBS Funding designs various lifestyle portfolios suitable for participants who classify their investment styles as conservative, moderate or aggressive. CBS Funding will conduct group meetings with the participants to educate them on how mutual funds operate, the relationship between risk and reward, the power of compound interest, as well as explaining the characteristics of each individual mutual fund being offered and the lifestyle portfolios. CBS Funding is available to individual participants to assist them in determining a proper asset allocation for their plan investments.

Steve J. Persons, (440) 717-1600,

Marylis A. Wozniacki, (248) 328-8611,

Sharon M. Stadul, (440) 717-1600,


Micro (<$1 million)
Small ($1-$10 million)

• Participant Advice/Participant Services
• Custom Risk based/target date models
• Plan feature review/plan design consulting
• Minimum fee schedules

4 Home Office Employees Supporting the Business