Fidelity Investments – (RK)

Firm Profile

As of June 30, 2016, Fidelity Investments® is the world’s largest privately held provider of financial services, with $5.4 trillion in assets under administration, including $1.5 trillion administered for Fidelity Workplace Investing clients. Fidelity offers investment management, retirement planning, brokerage, and benefits outsourcing services directly to 25 million individuals and more than 5,000 financial intermediaries.

Workplace retirement plans are a core business for Fidelity. Our businesses are dedicated largely or completely to providing retirement plan services to corporate, nonprofit, and small business clients. Our commitment to the retirement benefits marketplace grows ever stronger, as evidenced by our continuing partnership with the plan advisor community, as well as our ongoing and substantial reinvestment in long-term technology improvements.

We expect our overall business strategy to remain consistent in the years to come. We will continue to distinguish ourselves as the most trusted provider of lifetime financial solutions—leading the defined contribution market and increasing our presence in the benefits outsourcing market.

Our approach is designed to improve participants’ chances of:
• Achieving retirement readiness
• Planning retirement income successfully
• Reaching other financial goals

Fidelity 401(k) Sales Desk, (800) 684-5254

Micro (<$1 million), Small ($1-$10 million), Mid ($10-$100 million), Large ($100-$250 million), Mega (>$250 million)

Fidelity is committed to providing retirement solutions for every type of organization, whether corporate or nonprofit, and regardless of size.


As of 06/30/16
401(k): 10,080/12,500,000
403(b): 826/2,300,000
Money purchase: 328/1,200,000
457: 105/179,897
NQDC: 1,750/162,379
Defined benefit: 690/3,900,000
Other: 11,772/2,500,000

As of 06/30/15
401(k): 9,179/11,849,940
403(b): 840/2,168,476
Money purchase: 325/1,224,423
457: 105/147,479
NQDC: 1,645/184,193
Defined benefit: 708/4,100,000
Other: 10,161/2,290,501

PLANS BY CHANNEL (Direct/Advisor): 17,277/5,834
Platforms used: Fidelity Participant Recordkeeping System
Over 90 percent of our new business is sold in partnership with third-party advisors/consultants. Today, approximately 55 percent of our defined contribution clients maintain a relationship with a third-party advisor/consultant.

More than 400 fund companies that represent more than 13,000 nonproprietary mutual funds across various share classes, as well as the Fidelity family of mutual funds with more than 350 products available.

External wholesalers focused on advisors: 40
Internal wholesalers focused on advisors: 53

• Compliance Support
• Plan Benchmarking
• Target-date Evaluation Tools
• Training for DC Plan Sales/Service
• Investment Committee Meetings

FidelityConnect® advisor website; plan investment lineup consulting; sample investment menus; Fiduciary investment Reporting Manager (FiRM) investment monitoring tool; Morningstar Fund Screener customized for the Fidelity platform; Model Portfolio Recordkeeping Service; and integrated participant communication and education planning and delivery


• Retirement Income Estimates/Projections
• Rollover Services
• Call Center Support
• Facebook Page
• Smartphone Access to Participant Balances
• Smartphone transaction access for participants
• Full inquiry and transaction capabilities are available through our Customer Service Associates and Fidelity NetBenefits®, including plan enrollment, changes to contribution and deferral rates, fund transfers, loans, withdrawals and distributions, investment election changes, literature requests, plan information, investment information, transaction history, transaction modeling and tax status, and
statements on demand
• Eligibility determination and tracking
• Qualified Domestic Relations Order administration
• Participant support services for issue resolution and plan inquiries
• Full recordkeeping based on daily plan valuation, providing participants with continuous access to up-to-date information
• Participant statements summarizing all account activity
• Employee communication and education—written, digital, and in-person delivery


A brief summary of our defined contribution recordkeeping and administrative capabilities for participants is provided below:

• Implementation and corporate actions
• A periodic Retirement Plan Review, which provides the plan sponsor with a detailed report of plan activity
• Access to plan and participant information and reporting via Fidelity Plan Sponsor WebStation®
• Updates on legislative and regulatory changes which affect plan administration and reporting
• Information and data management, including employee activity tracking and management reports
• Data interfaces with the plan sponsor and third parties (e.g., outside funds)
• Trustee interfacing, tax reporting, and account reconciliation
• Regulatory services, including IRS Form 5500 reporting support, distribution of required regulatory communications (including Summary Plan Descriptions and Summary Annual Reports), and compliance monitoring
• Suspension tracking
• Rollovers, auto-age payouts, and de minimis distributions
• Stock proxy services
• Audit inquiry support
• Nondiscrimination testing
• Plan consulting
• An annual business plan incorporating your strategic benefits and HR goals into Fidelity’s service objectives


Other services/capabilities available for advisors include the following:

Dedicated sales support; advisor branding on Fidelity NetBenefits® and advisor contact information on employee enrollment materials; Advisor Rollover Program; Advisor Advantage Program; and various reporting tools and resources, including the Larkspur Prospect Mining Tool.