Global Retirement Partners Advisor Alliance

Firm Profile

GRPAA enhances the advisor value proposition with exclusive services that
set you apart from others in the marketplace. We use our strength and
thought leadership to right-price programs, design services, and investments
that will have a positive impact on your practice and the end game –
participant outcomes.
GRPAA members benefit from strength in numbers and building a trusted
brand with plan sponsors by aligning with an elite network of the best and
brightest. Our strategic plan truly focuses on helping you grow your value
proposition and the programs and services you can bring to your clients.

Bill Chetney, (949) 359-0020,
Christopher Giles, (949) 359-0023,
Amy Glynn, (617) 834-0900,
Doug Nolte, (949) 359-0033 ,
Jim Owen, (949) 359-0035,
Geoff White, (949) 359-0031,


Micro (<$1 million), Small ($1-$10 million), Mid ($10-$100 million), Large ($100-$250 million), Mega (>$250 million)

• Exclusive access to GRPAA CIT’s
• Exclusive access to GRPAA’s advisor centric financial wellness platform
• Members only national conference and study groups
• Retirement business consultants
• Recruiter for retirement plan advisors
• 3rd party vendor analysis tool
• 3rd party investment analysis tool
• Benchmarking tools
• Participant advice/participant services
• CRM/ data aggregation
• Internal rollover program
• Allows fiduciary declaration3(21)/3(38)
• Custom risk based/target date models
• 408(b)(2) – in-house or outsourced
• Plan feature review/plan design consulting
• Consulting on SMAs
• Plan sponsor fiduciary training
• Stable value analysis
• In-house ERISA council
• Innovative small market product MEP/PEP