Gordon Asset Management, LLC

Firm Profile

Gordon Asset Management, LLC (“GAMLLC”) is an independent investment advisor, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, located in the Raleigh-Durham & Chapel Hill area of North Carolina. GAMLLC focuses primarily on two distinct areas of investment advice: Retirement Plan Consulting for businesses and Wealth Management for high net-worth/high income individuals. The firm offers a wide array of fiduciary governance services to 401(k) and other retirement plan sponsors ranging from plan menu investment selection & monitoring, IPS oversight, policing default investment selection and monitoring, and is a fiduciary either with discretion under ERISA 3(38) or without discretion under ERISA 3(21), having done so since the early ‘90’s. The firm annually audits all plan expenses with complete transparency and provides rigorous plan design to control plan funding costs. The firm is CEFEX – certified as an investme nt adviser, since 2008.

Joe Gordon, (919) 313-6666, Joe.Gordon@WealthQB.com

Russell Smith, (919) 313-6657, Russell.Smith@WealthQB.com

Mike Hensley, (919) 313.6665, Mike.Hensley@WealthQB.com

Greg Rhinehardt, (919) 313-6659, Greg.Rhinehardt@WealthQB.com

Todd Zempel, (919) 313.6683, Todd.Zempel@WealthQB.com


Micro (<$1 million), Small ($1-$10 million), Mid ($10-$100 million), Large ($100-$250 million)

• Benchmarking Tools
• Participant Advice/Participant Services
• Allows Fiduciary Declaration 3(21)/3(38)
• Custom Risk Based/Target Date Models
• 408(b)(2) – In-House Or Outsourced
• Plan Design Consulting
• Plan Sponsor Fiduciary Training
• Stable Value Analysis