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Nationwide is committed to helping America prepare for and live in retirement. We provide you with the flexibility and control you need to build your group retirement plan business. We’re a Fortune 100 U.S.-based company with a strong and stable history dating back more than 90 years.

Nationwide Sales Desk, (800) 626-3112
Nationwide Retirement Plans Call Center, (800) 772-2182


• Micro – (< $1 million) • Small - ($1 million - $10 million) • Mid - ($10 million - $100 million) • Large - ($100 million - $250 million) • Mega - (>$250 million)
Our 401(k) plans tend to be under $100 million. We serve some of the largest 457 plans in the country with more than $250 million in assets.

As of 06/30/16
401(k): 18,930/802,348
403(b): 1,002/84,833
457: 7,359/1,373,433
Defined Benefit: 174/134
Other: 10,669/209,719

Nationwide offers more than 60 asset allocation funds.

PLANS BY CHANNEL (Direct/Advisor): 7,529/30,605
Platforms used: Nationwide Retirement Flexible Advantage®,
Nationwide Retirement Innovator Advantage®

External wholesalers focused on advisors: 58
External wholesalers focused on institutional: 250
Internal wholesalers focused on advisors: 35
Internal wholesalers focused on institutional: 30

Compliance support, plan benchmarking, target-date evaluation tools, training for DC plan sales/service, investment committee meetings

Investment Solutions Builder®

A web-based tool, advisors can use to manage a Plan’s investment lineup and/or to build and maintain asset allocation models. This feature allows advisors the flexibility to make changes to the plan lineup and/or their asset allocation models as frequently as daily.

Investment Solutions Builder includes a fund filtering tool that allows advisors to view pertinent information, fees, performance, ratings, and management, for all funds offered on the applicable Nationwide mutual fund platform on-line, and is compatible for export to Excel. The tool also allows advisors to upload customized and branded risk tolerance questionnaires for their asset allocation models.

Asset allocation models are displayed on participant and plan level statements according to the name assigned to the model(s) by the Financial Advisor. For each model, all underlying funds and corresponding allocations are also shown. Nationwide reports performance for all of the underlying funds in each model.

Business Builder Program

For advisors looking to make 401(k) defined contribution plans a larger part of their practice, Nationwide offers the Business Builder Program which provides advisors with 401(k) prospecting support.

This program helps advisors identify retirement plans in their area that may be open to a change and provides tools and resources to support advisors through every point of the sales process, including pre-sale, point-of-sale, post-sale, and on-going service and support.

Fiduciary Services

Offered through our proprietary investment fiduciary program, Nationwide Fiduciary Series helps financial advisors assist clients in complying with 404(c) requirements through the use of a dedicated website, fiduciary education guide, and customizable tools.


In-plan lifetime income options, Rollover services, Call center support Smartphone access to participant balances, Smartphone transaction access for participants.

Nationwide’s participant website is a fully responsive mobile site offering flexibility for participants to transact, monitor, and access key information related to their retirement plan in a simple and secure on-line environment, including:

View account balances by investment option and money source
View the 404(a)(5) participant disclosure statement
View quarterly statements
View personal rate of return
View transaction histories, unit values and fund performance
Access Self-Directed Brokerage account
Access Fund Window and the Fund Evaluator tool which allows participants to
select from any investment available within the given product offering
Email a customer service representative for assistance
Access to educational content and tools, including:
On Your Side Interactive Retirement Planner to set and track retirement goals.
Retirement planning tools and calculators
Peer Comparison Tool allows participants to populate their individual savings
and demographic information and compare their retirement readiness to a peer
group of similar Nationwide participants.
Quarterly Retirement Newsletter
Online IRA Rollover Learning Center for information and resources


The Nationwide Retirement Institute is a thought leadership group focused on providing Education and Insight, Actionable Tools and Consultative Support to help improve the retirement outcomes of America’s workers. The group includes six national thought leadership consultants who are available to address topics including retirement income planning, healthcare, long term care and social
security distribution tactics.

Nationwide also provides a Quarterly Plan Checkup. This is a package of plan statements, Nationwide Fiduciary Series reports, participant activity reports and industry best practices designed to address investment performance analysis, fiduciary responsibilities.

Our suite of educational modules helps participants become smarter savers and investors, by covering essential financial planning topics throughout the participant life cycle – modules include subjects that range from retirement for millennials to living in retirement.

We appreciate that large plans have unique needs and have recently expanded the strategic support with a Client Relationship Manager who will share industry and regulatory insights as well as meet with you on a quarterly basis to review plan progress.

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Nationwide offers additional optional services to support plan participants as they prepare for retirement.

Nationwide ProAccount Nationwide ProAccount is a “do it for me” managed account solution for participants who recognize the value of having their accounts managed by a professional money manager. It is made available by Nationwide Investor Advisors (NIA), a wholly owned subsidiary of Nationwide Life Insurance Company.

NIA offers individualized investment advice using an investment process developed and maintained by the Independent Financial Expert for the program, Wilshire Associates Incorporated (Wilshire), a global investment firm that advises some of America’s largest institutional investors.

Through their relationship, NIA and Wilshire perform the essential steps required to manage the Nationwide ProAccount portfolios and help keep your participants’ retirement plans on track. Wilshire considers the available investments to build the ProAccount portfolios based on the participant’s age and risk tolerance.

Plan Level 3(38) Fiduciary Service
Through our relationship with IRON Financial, Nationwide is able to offer access to a 3(38) Investment Fiduciary Service, which transfers the investment-related liability from the Plan Sponsor, to IRON Financial. IRON Financial provides independent investment selection, monitoring, and replacement of investment choices.

Plan Level 3(21) Fiduciary Service
The Nationwide Retirement Innovator Advantage program offers an integrated 3(21) Fiduciary Service, provided by Morningstar. Morningstar uses their investment knowledge to build, manage, and monitor a list of approved funds designed to help Plan Sponsors fulfill their ERISA obligations, and help participants structure an efficient, well-diversified portfolio.

3(16) Fiduciary Services
Nationwide has established procedures which allow us to work with and take direction from any 3(16) service provider a Plan Sponsor has elected to hire.