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Prudential Retirement is a specialized unit of Prudential Financial’s Investment division, and is an integral part of Prudential Financial’s strategy to provide comprehensive financial services to employers and employees alike. Prudential Retirement delivers retirement plan solutions for public, private, and non-profit organizations and their employees.

Sales: Dominick Quartuccio, (917) 339-4424,

Barbara Lewis, (303) 317-6861,

Service: Jason Tuscher, (312) 521-6178,

Michael Knowling, (860) 534-2915,


Mid ($10-$100 million), Large ($100-$250 million), Mega (>$250 million)

As of 06/30/15
401(k): 2,107/1,990,812
403(b): 1,178/202,750
457: 276/258,318
NQDC: 629/77,601
Defined benefit: 874/567,555
Other: 65/78,873

Day One Funds: our own target date offering

GoalMaker: our asset allocation tool that allows advisors to select the underlying funds

Managed accounts

Most 3rd party target date fund offering

PLANS BY CHANNEL (Direct/Advisor): 5%/95%
Platforms used: OMNI

External wholesalers focused on advisors: 15
External wholesalers focused on institutional: 7
Internal wholesalers focused on advisors: 9
Internal wholesalers focused on institutional: 3

Compliance support, plan benchmarking, target-date evaluation tools, training for DC plan service, investment committee meetings

Referral Program
DC Optimization
Pension De-risking strategies
Executive benefit strategies
Peer Insight
Change the Conversation
Marketing Consultation
Presentation Review
Custom Videos
Prospecting tools
Social Media


Retirement income estimates/projections, In-plan lifetime income options, Rollover services, Call center support, Facebook page, Smartphone access to participant balances, Smartphone transaction access for participants.


All Total Retirement Solutions plan sponsors that select Prudential Retirement can choose from the following retirement plan services:

Plan design consultation
Plan documents, including Summary Plan Description and filing assistance
Employee communications and education, including on-site meetings and
Internet-based investment support and guidance
Beneficiary designations and maintenance
Qualifying rollovers into the plan
Internet and phone system access for plan sponsors and participants
Compliance testing
Complete loan administration
Complete support and fulfillment of investment materials
Form 5500 preparation services, including signature-ready forms
Directed trustee services
Fully integrated total retirement services
Merger and acquisition consulting services
Special services, as requested by clients


We offer a full range of administrative and financial services including the following:

Nonqualified Plans
MullinTBG, a part of The Prudential Insurance Company of America, a wholly owned subsidiary of Prudential Financial, Inc, offers a breadth of nonqualified resources and expertise for plan sponsors. We offer consulting services for clients who want customized, cost-effective and flexible executive benefit plan design.

Personal Retirement Services
Participants can access our dedicated Personal Retirement Services Center, available to all participants (active or terminated) that have questions or concerns about their distribution options, including facilitating direct rollovers to another plan or Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

When a participant contacts the Personal Retirement Services Center, a specialist will review the specific distribution options available within their program. In addition, the specialist will review the advantages and disadvantages of each option. The specialist, at the participant’s request, is able to explain distribution options available in the marketplace along with a wide array of Prudential products. They will also answer basic tax and planning questions. Additionally, participants have access to a group of Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) registered specialists that can offer in-depth information about Prudential products.

We also maintain Roth IRA products outside of our employer-sponsored retirement plan business that can accept rollovers from defined contribution plans.

Structured and Stable Value Products
We offer the services of our Structured and Stable Value Products Unit that services large institutional investors in qualified and nonqualified markets by developing, marketing and servicing products with interest and/or annuity guarantees. Products include funding agreements, stable value products and guaranteed interest contracts (GICs). These products offer downside protection and may offer upside potential through either active or passive investment strategies.

Brokerage Windows
Prudential Retirement offers two different (mutually exclusive) types of brokerage products. A streamlined fully integrated offering with a single broker dealer (referred to as “SDB”) that supports both online and rep assisted trading. And, a more robust, fully integrated offering (referred to as “IDA”) that allows each participant to utilize an advisor/broker of their choice, while maintaining a
centralized custodian.

Self-directed Brokerage (“SDB”)
We offer our self-directed brokerage account option that provides participants more investment choice and greater control over the types of investments in their retirement accounts. Participants can select the manner in which they perform trades within the account—either by the participant website or by calling the self-directed brokerage Service Center, where dedicated and specially trained, registered representatives can execute participant-directed trade requests.

Individually-Directed Account (“IDA”)
We offer a flexible Individually-Directed Account (IDA) program. Our program allows participants to choose their own broker(s) or investment advisor(s) and features “seamless” processing and settling of all IDA trades. Our flexible, multi-broker, integrated processing is a distinct advantage to participants and plan sponsors. Our central custodian of all IDA assets settles all trades, compiles all activity and issues one consolidated quarterly statement for each IDA.

Trustee Services
Prudential Bank & Trust, FSB (PB&T) will provide corporate-directed (i.e., “non-discretionary”) trust services to retirement plans of Prudential Retirement’s clients. When PB&T acts as a corporate trustee for a particular defined benefit plan, defined contribution plan or nonqualified deferred compensation plan, it will hold title to those plan assets that PB&T deems administratively feasible. The trust agreement with the client will carefully delineate PB&T’s duties. PB&T, through its agent, Prudential Investment Management Services LLC, will act as a custodian for publicly traded employer stock and other investments that PB&T deems administratively feasible