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Firm Profile

At Roush Investment Group, our team’s passion is to protect our clients and improve their employees’ retirement readiness through pure fiduciary processes.

Our practice expertise is focused in three areas:

1. Proven experience and expertise
2. Local, personalized service with extensive resources
3. Collaboration and fiduciary protection

With a demonstrated track record, we have knowledge of what will work in a retirement plan and what won’t. We have no bias or conflicts and always work in our clients’ best interest.

With over 30 years of roots in the central valley and a true local commitment, we have gained specific experience with establishing goals, strategies, and defined measures for a successful retirement plan.

The depth of our expertise and collaborative efforts are unmatched in our market, and our comprehensive fiduciary process mitigates the business owner’s personal liability and anticipates their evolving needs.

We invite you to meet with us to learn more about what our pure fiduciary advisors can do for you, your family, and your business.

Rick Roush, (559) 579-1490,

Brian Traverso, (559) 579-1490,

Jessica Roush, (559) 579-1490,


Micro (<$1 million), Small ($1-$10 million)

• Business Development Consultants
• 3rd Party Vendor Analysis Tool
• Participant Advice/Participant Services
• Allows Fiduciary Declaration 3(21)/3(38)
• 408(b)(2) – In-House Or Outsourced
• Plan Design Consulting
• Plan Sponsor Fiduciary Training

5 home office employees supporting the retirement business