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Sentinel Benefits Group is a trusted record keeper providing administrative and compliance services with robust plan design and education solutions that are highly customized and provide an intuitive experience designed to help participants steer toward stronger, more successful retirement preparedness. We strive to create a solution that simplifies the user end experience for our key stakeholders: the plan participants, the plan sponsor and trustees, and the advisor.


Ryan Campagna, 781-914-1251,
Alan Pfeffer, 516-414-8311,
Jerry Cicalese, 516-414-8311,
Eileen Greenspan, 212-655-0325,

• Micro – (< $1 million) • Small - ($1 million - $10 million) • Mid - ($10 million - $100 million) # OF PLANS/PARTICIPANTS SERVED BY TYPE

As of 06/30/16
401(k): 791/61,124
403(b): 36/11,740
Money purchase: 69/6,614
457: 10/149
NQDC: 17/690
Defined Benefit: 191/1,641
Cash Balance: 26/654
Other: 453/22,754

PLANS BY CHANNEL (Direct/Advisor): 1,150/750
We are open architecture and agnostic to the investment options. Therefore, we have the ability to leverage almost every investment option.

Access to almost all under our open architecture.

Fidelity Investments, Charles Schwab, Matrix Clearance & Settlement, Mid-Atlantic Trust Company (MATC), Pershing RPN

External wholesalers focused on advisors: 5
External wholesalers focused on institutional: 12
Internal wholesalers focused on advisors: 5
Internal wholesalers focused on institutional: 12

• Compliance Support
• Target-date Evaluation Tools
• Training for DC Plan Sales/Service
• Investment Committee Meetings
• Fiduciary Governance Capabilities
• Sales Support
• Access to ERISA Attorneys
• Plan Design projections
• Dynamic Reporting

• Retirement Income Estimates/Projections
• In-plan Lifetime Income Options
• Rollover Services
• Call Center Support
• Facebook Page
• Smartphone Access to Participant Balances
• Smartphone transaction access for participants

Through innovative technology, our web experience and e-Statements we are able to provide participants with a clear understanding of how much they need to save in order to stay on track. Each personalized gap analysis outlines the difference between the amount of money a participant has saved toward his or her retirement and the amount needed in order to replace that income during retirement. Our innovative efforts have led to developing proprietary reports identifying the retirement readiness of the overall plan and its participants, and measuring retirement goal success in terms of replacement income to bridge the gap between their assumed monthly benefit and social security.
We engage and lead Plan Sponsors to develop retirement benefit strategies designed to better prepare their employees to reach their retirement income goals.

• 180 & 360 Payroll integration capability.
• 3(16) Plan Administration Services
• Access to ERISA Attorneys
Our efforts to support the retirement industry are entirely focused on serving the 99%. White glove service has always been reserved for the 1%. This has left the majority of Americans to be underserved. Our mission is to help those who are underserved by promoting engagement, providing sound advice, helping our clients adapt to legislative changes, and continue building easy-to-use tools for plan participants. We concentrate on designing plans that work well with participants’ natural behavior patterns versus trying to change behavior through education to increase participation and contribution levels for our clients. By using automatic features such as automatic enrollment with escalations, we make every effort to make the participant experience favorable and promote plan engagement to drive participant outcomes.

CEFEX Certified RIA
CEFEX/ASPPA Certified record-keeper/TPA