Sierra Pacific Financial Advisors, LLC

Firm Profile

Sierra Pacific Financial Advisors, LLC is a fee-only financial advisory firm serving retirement planning for small-to-mid size companies, self-employed business owners and doctors in private practice. Your retirement goals and financial success drive our planning process and foster our commitment to serve you with the highest fiduciary standard.

Our Core Retirement Planning Services:

  • Provide benchmark and diagnostic report to access the effectiveness of your plan
  • Assist TPA in plan review and design process to improve the quality of plan
  • Create Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to address plan objective and investment options
  • Monitor and evaluate the consistency of fund management and performance
  • Provide education workshop to help employees make prudent investment decisions and offer one-on-one personal financial planning sessions based upon individual’s request
  • Assist in the group enrollment meeting, advise on employees in general plan information, rollover and distribution plan
  • Schedule retirement committee meetings for on-going plan review


Micro (< $1 Million), Small ($1 Million – $10 Million), Mid ($10 Million – $100 Million)


  • 3rd Party Vendor Analysis Tool
  • 3rd Party Investment Analysis Tool
  • Benchmarking Tools
  • Participant Advice/Participant Services