The Nolan Company

Firm Profile

Since 1979 The Nolan Company has provided clients with cutting edge retirement plan design and administrative services. The vast majority of our clients find us
through referrals from financial, accounting, or legal professionals, as well as other clients. Our specialized design and administration services have gained
us clients in 49 states. Most of these clients have fewer than 50 employees down to and including those who have only one employee. The Nolan Company is structured to provide the highest quality services to plan sponsors while maintaining independence and objectivity. We are not paid by or licensed by a financial
institution, accounting firm or law firm. Our services are not tied to a specific investment company and we can work with a broad range of plan funding options.

Key Contacts

Jim Nolan, (913) 647-9311,
Julie Lattimer, (913) 647-9312

Est. 1979

Types Of Plan Support

• 401(k)
• Traditional Defined Benefit
• Cash Balance/Hybrid
• Profit-Sharing

• Plan Design Consulting
• Administration
• Non-Discrimination Testing
• Dsitribution Support
• Compliance Support
• Actuarial Calculations & Support
• Form 5500 Preparation

Fee Structure

We are an independent qualified plan service provider and receive no asset fees and are not owned by any other organization – flat fee, participant fee, special services fee