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A ‘Win-Win-Win’ for Retirement

In a special report for NAPA Net, Paul R. Samuelson and Warren Cormier note that approaches to retirement readiness in the DC industry have largely been focused on the accumulation phase. Advisors specifically have been striving to optimize alpha (given risk aversion) through good allocation and product selection during accumulation. However, the opportunity for advisors to increase their “alpha” by helping employees squeeze out greater retirement income with the same assets during decumulation is rarely taken.   Read More

Trends in Outsourcing Have Led to Open MEPs – What’s Next?

Mike Montgomery, an advisor and industry thought leader on MEPs (and NAPA Net’s MEP Conductor), reviews the trends in outsourcing that led to today’s open MEPs, and projects where the market might be headed in light of the 2012 DOL restrictions and the advent of 3(16) administrative fiduciaries. Plan sponsors have outsourced an increasing number of duties and liabilities as they try to back away from managing their 401(k) plans — but given the recent enactment of state-run MEPs, will this trend eventually lead to the nationalization of small-business retirement plans?   Read More