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Firm Partners Fuel NAPA’s Growth

The growth in NAPA membership this year has been simply astounding. Since Jan. 1 we’ve grown to nearly 6,000 members — a year-to-date increase of 50%. The lion’s share of this growth has come through our new Firm Partners — so far this year, more than 30 firms have signed on. This means that halfway through the year, our roster of Firm Partners has grown by about one-third, to just shy of 100.   Read More

Dalbar Ranks Providers on Fee Disclosure

A new in-depth study conducted by Dalbar ranks providers on their 408(b)(2) compliance efforts. Based on the technical requirements of 408(b)(2), Dalbar’s “Transparency Analysis” evaluated and ranked record keepers and others according to five criteria: overall usefulness, cost estimates, description of services, fiduciary status and conflicts of interest.   Read More