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Some Help for ‘Retiring’ Student Debt?

Student debt looms large as a retirement savings impediment, particularly for younger workers. However, a recent private letter ruling from the IRS was seen by some as offering a step toward aligning those interests. This week, we’d like to know what you’re hearing – and thinking – about this “new” opportunity.   Read More

Have Your Fee Structures Changed?

The debate about the fiduciary rule was certainly focused on fees, and fee structures – and excessive fee litigation has certainly taken issue with how (and how much) certain providers charged. This week, we’d like to know – are you charging differently than two years ago?   Read More

Are HSAs Part of Your Practice?

Last week, the powerful House Ways & Means Committee took up several bills aimed at expanding consumer-directed health care plans, notably health savings accounts (HSAs). In this week’s NAPA Net reader poll we’d like to know your take on HSAs – and how, if at all, they fit in with your practice.   Read More