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Business Growth Strategies

BY Nevin E. Adams, JD | 8/27/2019
An industry-leading benchmark study of non-qualified deferred compensation (NQDC) plans finds a shift in emphasis for what has become an increasingly critical benefit for key employees. Employers... Read More
BY Ted Godbout | 8/9/2019
While it’s not exactly been a smooth road over the past couple of decades, a new report says an even bumpier ride could be ahead for recordkeepers. The report, “Long-term value creation in U.S.... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 6/12/2019
One of the most compelling general sessions at the 2019 NAPA 401(k) Summit focused on a new approach that can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line. We’re talking about corporate social... Read More
BY John Iekel | 4/9/2019
Mergers and acquisitions are a normal part of corporate life. They bring opportunity, but they also pose challenges – and that applies to retirement advisors as well. “Merging Markets: Effective... Read More
BY Ted Godbout | 4/8/2019
For plan advisors looking to take their business to the next level, the power of technology aggregation can have tremendous benefits, advised panelists featured in an April 7 workshop session at the... Read More
BY Scott Gaul | 3/14/2019
Imagine if you had to build a puzzle and all the pieces have no corner pieces, no edge pieces and are all the same color? It would really be hard to put it together and quite honestly, you’d probably... Read More
BY Ted Godbout | 3/12/2019
A top fear in retirement is out-of-control healthcare costs, but a new survey finds few business owners fully understand the benefits and operations of health savings accounts (HSAs). More... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 2/5/2019
Advisors, plan sponsors and participants looking to get schooled on financial wellness now have a new resource. According to a press release, intellicents has introduced intellicents university as... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 1/7/2019
Triad Advisors, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services Inc., Resources Investment Advisors, LLC have jointly announced the successful recruitment of Retirement... Read More
BY David Levine, JD | 11/8/2018
So-called “open” multiple employer plans (MEPs) allow multiple unrelated and unaffiliated employers to participate in a single plan that is recognized as such by both the IRS and DOL purposes. In... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 9/24/2018
Executive comp was once the focus of nonqualified plans, but these days the emphasis is on “mission critical” workers. Nonqualified plan designs offer a unique opportunity for collaborative... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 9/24/2018
Executive comp was once the focus of nonqualified plans, but these days the emphasis is on “mission critical” workers.Nonqualified plan designs offer a unique opportunity for collaborative... Read More
It’s no secret that health care costs are being felt across the country – and that affording quality health care has become a universal issue.Employees are becoming more responsible for a larger... Read More
BY Steff Chalk | 8/30/2018
As industry practitioners and retirement plan specialists we maintain more than a passing interest in seeing that plan participants are collectively progressing toward achieving better outcomes.“... Read More
BY Adam Sokolic | 8/23/2018
“What tidal wave?” you ask…? The data is telling us that the wave of consolidation that has taken hold in other parts of the retirement business is rapidly heading towards the retirement plan... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 7/12/2018
Millennium Trust Company has entered into an agreement to acquire The Bancorp Bank’s automatic rollover business for $65 million.According to a press release, The Bancorp, Inc. will transfer all of... Read More
BY Jewell Lim Esposito | 2/1/2018
A growing number of plan advisors are salivating over the next big thing: being able to have not only retirement assets under management, but also all the assets that their clients’ employees might... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 8/22/2017
Tampa, FL-based investment advisor CapTrust Advisors has joined the CAPTRUST family.The combined organization will now operate in 34 offices nationwide and advise on more than $243 billion in client... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 12/15/2016
Advisors and plan sponsors should be taking advantage of the “low-hanging” opportunities that still exist, says industry insider Steff Chalk.In his most recent column in NAPA Net the Magazine, Steff... Read More
BY Fred Barstein | 9/22/2016
It’s logical to assume that the new DOL rule will offer Elite Plan Advisors (more than $250 million in DC AUM and 10 plans) more opportunities in the small plan market. That would be true either... Read More
BY Fred Barstein | 9/1/2016
Whether driven by the rash of DC lawsuits, the DOL conflict-of-interest rule or fear of fines and audits, plan sponsors are more concerned about their fiduciary liability.Rarely does a member of the... Read More
BY Fred Barstein | 8/24/2016
While most of the industry is complaining about the cost and time required to comply with the DOL’s conflict of interest rule, some Elite Plan Advisors see an opportunity. But is this opportunity... Read More
BY Fred Barstein | 7/8/2016
The great untapped (by advisors) mid and small plan HR or benefits professional market includes more than 100,000 DC plans with $3 million-$250 million. What are they like? What are the challenges... Read More
BY Fred Barstein | 6/20/2016
Following my own advice to go to events where I know very few people, this week I am attending the SHRM national conference in DC with more than 14,000 attendees, mostly HR professionals, and... Read More
BY Fred Barstein | 6/6/2016
In an article earlier this year, I reviewed what the small plan (<$3 million) market might look like in the future. But will Elite Advisors that have moved up-market be able to take advantage?Let’... Read More