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DC Plan Design

BY Ted Godbout | 2/22/2022
While DB plans have benefited from alternative investments for years, a new paper suggests that DC plan fiduciaries may want to consider such investments as part of a multi-asset portfolio. ... Read More
BY John Iekel | 2/15/2022
Employer payroll deduction IRAs are coming back into vogue, an expert at last week’s NTSA Summit argued. “Employer IRAs are not new—they’re just getting a resurgence because of the MEP... Read More
BY Nevin E. Adams, JD | 1/14/2022
The annual 64th Annual Survey of 401(k) and Profit Sharing Plans by the Plan Sponsor Council of America found some interesting and encouraging trends in plan design. So, what are NAPA-Net readers... Read More
BY Nevin E. Adams, JD | 1/4/2022
Which is more powerful—a generous match, or a high savings rate default?  As it turns out, Christmas Eve brought us a new white paper with the fairly innocuous title, “The Impact of Employer... Read More
BY Ted Godbout | 12/13/2021
While the current environment appears ripe for self-directed brokerage accounts (SDBAs) as various plan participants welcome the opportunity to select investments that reflect their values and... Read More
BY Ted Godbout | 12/3/2021
While automatic enrollment is a foundational plan design feature that helps boost plan participation, a new study finds that engagement and savings rates can vary dramatically depending on how... Read More
BY Hattie Greenan | 11/3/2021
The 3rd annual Plan Sponsor Council of America (PSCA) HSA Benchmarking Survey finds some consistent trends emerging. With three years of data now, PSCA’s annual HSA survey is revealing some trends... Read More
BY John Iekel | 9/28/2021
While there is broad agreement that it is necessary to boost retirement savings, there is less uniformity of thought regarding how exactly to accomplish that. A panel of experts recently shared some... Read More
BY Nevin E. Adams, JD | 9/21/2021
Each generation experiences life through the prism of its own experiences—creating a unique frame of reference that can itself be a language barrier in communication.  Indeed, I have for... Read More
BY Steff Chalk | 9/1/2021
A large insurance company recently allocated $100 million to Bitcoin.[1] In a 2020 survey of nearly 800 institutional investors from the United States and Europe, 36% of respondents confirmed... Read More
BY Ted Godbout | 8/17/2021
As a follow-up to its June 2021 How America Saves study, a supplementary report by Vanguard offers four key themes and recommended plan actions that can improve participant outcomes. ... Read More
BY Ted Godbout | 7/19/2021
While it may come as no surprise, new survey results show that auto-enrollment has been an important tool to help young savers get on the right track to saving for retirement early in their careers.... Read More
BY Ted Godbout | 7/16/2021
There appears to be a growing trend of 401(k) plan participants increasingly wanting more help to plan for retirement, as many feel overloaded and don’t know where to begin.   In what J.... Read More
BY Ted Godbout | 7/1/2021
While advisor-managed accounts (AMAs) are relatively new to the DC market, they have gained some traction among providers over the past two years, according to a new report.   This is... Read More
BY Ted Godbout | 6/22/2021
Employer matches in 401(k) plans are often used as a recruiting tool as part of employee compensation packages, but there are wide variations in the design of matching formulas.  For example... Read More
BY Ted Godbout | 6/16/2021
A new research paper suggests that policies that promote retirement saving, such as auto-enrollment, may unintentionally lead to an increase in abandoned retirement savings accounts.  In SSRN... Read More
BY Nevin E. Adams, JD | 6/15/2021
With all the buzz about cryptocurrency—well, I’m sure it will come as no surprise that somebody wants to bring it into 401(k)s. More specifically, last week ForUsAll, a retirement... Read More
BY Ted Godbout | 6/14/2021
Plan design features, such as auto-enrollment, auto-escalation and target-date funds, helped DC plan participants stay the course and improve retirement outcomes, according to the most recent... Read More
BY Nevin E. Adams, JD | 3/22/2021
A new study finds that automatic enrollment not only triples the participation rate of new hires, but that over time the vast majority increase their deferral rates. The report—“Automatic... Read More
BY Ted Godbout | 2/24/2021
While both employers and their employees generally see the value of guaranteed lifetime income options, differences emerge among 401(k) and 403(b) providers when it comes to retirement plan... Read More
BY Ted Godbout | 2/17/2021
Plan sponsors indicate they are more likely to conduct a fee study in 2021, compared to last year, according to the results of Callan’s annual Defined Contribution Survey.  Now in its 14th... Read More
BY Ted Godbout | 2/9/2021
The results of a new survey reveal that certain plan features have seen a significant increase in adoption, while others have struggled to gain traction.    For instance, brokerage... Read More
BY Nevin E. Adams, JD | 10/20/2020
A reader recently commented, “Nevin: You are continually berating those who question various aspects of 401(k) plans as if the current structure is ‘perfect.’ It isn’t.” That comment was inspired... Read More
BY Ted Godbout | 10/16/2020
Older Americans are warming to retirement solutions that combine in-plan income solutions and retail advice to address a broader set of needs than currently offered within employer-sponsored... Read More
BY Nevin E. Adams, JD | 9/23/2020
Teresa Ghilarducci doesn’t give American employers—or advisors—much credit.  She recently penned an article in Forbes titled “Employers Can’t Provide Retirement Plans. Let’s Stop Pretending... Read More