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Managed Accounts

BY Ted Godbout | 1/28/2019
Of course the realized benefits will vary by participants and fees charged for the service, but a new white paper suggests that there is strong evidence for using managed accounts.In fact, two... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 9/19/2018
Aside from offering diversified and professionally managed portfolios, managed accounts may also add value relative to other commonly used asset allocation strategies, according to a recent report by... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 7/12/2017
Platform consolidation has re-emerged as the top initiative for managed account providers, according to a new study by Cerulli Associates.Cerulli’s “U.S. Managed Accounts 2017: Convergence and Its... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 5/15/2017
Managed accounts offer a compelling service, but changes in the product set – and the DC industry generally – may require a second look, according to a new report.In “Managed Accounts:  Today’s... Read More
BY Nevin E. Adams, JD | 4/11/2017
Odds are that you’ve heard that health savings accounts, or HSAs, offer individuals a “triple tax advantage” – but here are five things you may not know about HSAs.A recent survey by Mercer found... Read More
BY Jeff Hemker | 12/19/2016
A common refrain I hear today is that the average actively managed mutual fund cannot outperform the S... Read More
BY Fred Barstein | 5/13/2016
Though managed accounts will not be overtaking the nearly $800 billion in TDF assets anytime soon, they are gaining traction, according to Cerulli. So what’s holding them back, and what’s their place... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 3/10/2016
While a majority of plan sponsors see managed accounts as “very important” in attracting and retaining employees and helping them prepare for retirement, those workers don’t seem nearly as... Read More
BY Michael Bushnell | 7/29/2015
Designing the optimal investment lineup in a 401(k) plan is a lot like working out: without having a strong core, it’s nearly impossible to achieve the best possible results, Ryan Mullen of MFS... Read More
BY Nevin E. Adams, JD | 6/19/2015
By most accounts, target-date funds are the predominant default investment vehicle on most 401(k) plan menus today. But this week we asked NAPA Net readers about the qualified default investment... Read More
BY NAPA Net Staff | 6/15/2015
While the Department of Labor has outlined three different types of offerings suitable as a qualified default investment alternative, most of the attention — and money — has been directed to target-... Read More