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BY John Sullivan | 3/28/2023
Describing its mission as “to do away with uninspired design and inject creativity into the financial services field,” J.D. and Brandon Carlson, the sibling duo behind the irreverent Retireholics... Read More
BY Rebecca Hourihan | 3/9/2023
These four simple steps can make your practice more effective and profitable. Are you looking for ways to make your retirement plan business more effective and profitable? If so, you’re in luck—... Read More
BY Rebecca Hourihan | 12/29/2022
Here’s how to create a business development process that avoids the feast-to-famine cycle. Each spring, farmers diligently plow the land and plant seeds. Throughout the warm summer months, these... Read More
BY Ted Godbout | 12/29/2022
Market volatility, increasing compliance pressures and a competitive landscape for wealth management professionals continue to challenge independent broker-dealers (IBDs) and registered investment... Read More
BY Spencer X Smith | 11/10/2022
Here’s how the digital version of you can help you achieve more confidence in your real-life interactions. “If you get a hit three times for each 10 at bats, you’ll be in the Hall of Fame.” This... Read More
BY Ted Godbout | 11/2/2022
To better understand industry trends in financial advisor marketing given the current economic climate, SmartAsset surveyed roughly 270 advisors on its platform, asking about how they are... Read More
BY Rebecca Hourihan | 9/28/2022
Vroom, whoosh, whir—it takes a lot of thrust to get an airplane off the ground. But once it lifts off and reaches cruising altitude, it can accelerate toward its destination. But what if something... Read More
BY Rebecca Hourihan | 8/25/2022
If you’re not first, then you’re last. Follow these seven quick tips to increase your search ranking and digital visibility. Help your prospects find you every time while impressing your centers... Read More
BY Rebecca Hourihan | 6/23/2022
Marketing is essential for any business to grow, but it can be tricky figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Whether you are investing time, talent or money, the first step is to decide your... Read More
BY Rebecca Hourihan | 6/15/2022
Friction is anything that causes your 401(k) prospects to pause. Hesitate. Stop. By identifying any friction points early on and resolving them quickly, you can develop your business faster.... Read More
BY Rebecca Hourihan | 5/19/2022
Have you ever received an email from an unknown sender? Did you open it? If you did, what enticed you to ignore the potential risk and click? For every $1 invested in email marketing, there is a $... Read More
BY Ted Godbout | 5/6/2022
With the full compliance date for the SEC’s new marketing rule fast approaching, firms need to be working towards updating their policies and procedures, advises a new white paper from The Wagner Law... Read More
BY Rebecca Hourihan | 2/17/2022
In a recent survey, 77% of advisors admitted that they do not have a marketing plan.[1] If you are without a vision in mind and looking to create one, this column will give you the outline, color and... Read More
BY Rebecca Hourihan | 1/20/2022
Do you remember jumping rope as a kid? Two other kids would be twirling the rope and they would say, “Jump in!” And if you were like most kids, a wave of excitement and panic would beat through your... Read More
BY Rebecca Hourihan | 11/4/2021
In any successful marketing campaign, the first step is identifying your target market. By understanding your target audience, you can plan your approach strategy and how you intend to help address... Read More
BY Rebecca Hourihan | 9/29/2021
There are several biennial and quadrennial events, like solar eclipses, the Olympics, Leap Years and election years, that people get excited about. But in the retirement world, there’s one recurring... Read More
BY Spencer X Smith | 8/18/2021
How much money should you spend on marketing? Is there a good rule of thumb? Is it 2% of revenue? 5%? Should it vary based on your industry specialties? Digital marketing further complicates the... Read More
BY Rebecca Hourihan | 7/16/2021
As the Pooled Employer Plan (PEP) marketplace heats up, one thing is clear: PEPs are a hot topic.  So if you’re looking to launch a PEP, keep reading—because we are going to give you... Read More
BY Rebecca Hourihan | 5/12/2021
There’s an old saying: “50% of marketing works. The trouble is, I don’t know which 50%.” Let’s unpack that and learn about your true return on investment. To begin your calculations, you need to... Read More
BY Rebecca Hourihan | 5/5/2021
Thanks to COVID, most of our routines have changed. Those moments when we could stop, think and evaluate have been modified. As a personal example, I do my best thinking in the car and my best... Read More
BY Rebecca Hourihan | 4/29/2021
In a recent conversation, we asked an advisor client, “What’s your marketing plan?” They replied, “We don’t have one.” If that sounds like your business today, no worries—you’re not alone. It was... Read More
BY Rebecca Hourihan | 1/14/2021
Now that we’ve closed the books on 2020, we get to welcome a new beginning. To help you on your marketing journey, let’s do some business planning, so that your business is ready for success in 2021... Read More
BY Rebecca Hourihan | 11/18/2020
Throughout our great nation, we have more than 30 million small businesses that employ over 34% of the American workforce. Those businesses equate to more than 44% of... Read More
BY Rebecca Hourihan | 10/21/2020
COVID-19 was either a period of intense business planning, strategy, focus and tenacity—or it was a Sleeping Beauty time warp. As the doors open once again and we emerge from this global pandemic,... Read More
BY Rebecca Hourihan | 10/15/2020
When I first got to college, I couldn’t cook. I knew a little bit about boiling water and making a sandwich, but that’s about all. As the semesters went on, my stomach started to growl from food... Read More