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The nation’s employment-based retirement system is under attack.

Congress is constantly looking for tax revenue at the expense of workplace retirement plans, regulators – both federal and state – often embrace rules that are seen as protective, but actually undermine retirement savings, while media – even the trade media - often selectively focus on data points that perpetuate the notion of an unresolvable retirement “crisis.” 

Clearly, these are times that test our resolve. And that’s why, now more than ever, NAPA is the strong, clear voice of the retirement plan advisor in Washington – and the only voice exclusively dedicated to the perspectives and interests of retirement plan advisors.

As part of the American Retirement Association, our government relations staff, long regarded as one of the most respected and effective in Washington, play a key role in

  • helping shape regulatory initiatives at the DOL, IRS and SEC;
  • educating members of Congress and their staffs about how America saves and the value of plan advisors in that process; and
  • representing the interests of plan participants, plan sponsors and plan advisors as legislation is developed and refined on Capitol Hill — and in state capitals around the country.

No other group does that for retirement plan advisors. And those who do represent other elements of the financial services industry look to NAPA’s efforts as a model of effectiveness and authority. In other words: clout.

We’ve got your back. Join us.

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