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The Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) sent a letter to the Labor Department (DOL) on Tuesday urging it to “effectively and expeditiously” implement SECURE 2.0. It also urged the DOL to prioritize six provisions related to the committee’s mission. More specifically,... READ MORE
Acting with a sense of urgency to avoid a first-ever federal debt default, the U.S. Senate late Thursday approved legislation to suspend the federal debt limit until 2025, clearing the measure for President Biden’s signature, expected today. The Senate vote on the Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023... READ MORE
A suit that claimed a $7.3 billion plan “stocked the Plan’s investment menu with their own proprietary index funds”—while “participants got the short end of the stick” is now seeking class action status. The plaintiffs in this case (Kohari et al. v. MetLife Group Inc. et al., case number 1:21-cv-... READ MORE
Well, here we are again at the end of yet another workweek—and yet, just look at what happened to these guys and gals… First, some odds and ends… In Fort Meade, Maryland, a new Zillow listing for a property for $42,069, but cautioned that “all 15 bathrooms come with sewage issues," the listing... READ MORE
CAPTRUST Financial Advisors has announced the acquisition of Fort Worth, TX-based Omega Wealth Partners and its more than $710 million in assets under management. Omega is co-owned by Tom Hardgrove, John Dickens and Tammy Bryant, who will join CAPTRUST along with six additional colleagues,... READ MORE
Independent financial advisors could get some regulatory relief from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) through legislation approved by the House of Representatives. On May 30, the House passed by an overwhelming vote of 367–8 the Small Entity Update Act (H.R. 2792) requiring the SEC to... READ MORE
As we grow our retirement plan advisor firms and look to ensure lasting future success, we need technically knowledgeable, well-trained team members committed to our industry. Are we going to hire from each other or develop our own talent pool and succession plan? As an industry, many of today’s... READ MORE
For those born between 1964 and 1978, planning for the new retirement reality is particularly challenging.   Unlike Millennials, who still have plenty of time to save before retirement, and Boomers, many of whom are already in retirement, Generation X is realizing that retirement is getting closer... READ MORE
Amid threats of the economy crashing and 401(k)s plummeting, the House of Representatives late May 31 approved legislation to suspend the federal debt limit until 2025. Facing a June 5 deadline to avoid a first-ever federal default if Congress does not act, the House approved the Fiscal... READ MORE
The odds increased of Nevada becoming the next state to provide retirement plan coverage to private-sector employees whose employers do not, when the state Senate on May 29 voted in favor of legislation that would do just that. SB305 was introduced on March 16, 2023.  ARA Support  The American... READ MORE