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D.C. Pension Geeks Podcast

About the Podcast

Welcome to D.C. Pension Geeks, a conversation with top retirement-related policymakers and regulators in and around Washington. Hosted by Brian Graff, an attorney, accountant, former Capitol Hill staffer, and now CEO of the American Retirement Association, it’s an inside view of the ups and downs, ins and outs and sometimes surprising turns Washington takes on the road to ensuring a secure retirement for millions of hard-working Americans.

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Episode 10. John Scott - The Positive Impact of State-Based Auto-IRA Programs

Retirement policy veteran John Scott, Project Director, Retirement Savings at The Pew Charitable Trusts, joins American Retirement Association CEO Brian Graff to discuss how the programs are performing, their impact and the surprising stats fueling their growth. Read More.




Episode 9. Eric Pan - The Politics of Financial Regulation

Pan, ICI’s President and CEO, joins Graff for a frank discussion about the organization’s regulatory and legislative priorities, its unique and special relationship with the SEC, and how technology will change the investment industry. Read More.




Episode 8. Angela M. Antonelli - Why State-Based IRAs Are a Perfect Private/Public Partnership

Talk about a timely topic—the passage and adoption of state-facilitated retirement savings programs (usually auto-IRAs) continues, with the latest, Minnesota, happening in mid-May. Read More.




Episode 7. Drew Crouch - Where Does Retirement Policy Go from Here?

Drew Crouch, Senior Tax and ERISA Counsel at Senate Finance Committee, joins American Retirement Association Brian Graff to answer these questions and more. It’s a fascinating discussion you won’t want to miss. Read More.



Episode 6. Carol Weiser - What Does Treasury Have on Tap for SECURE 2.0?

What is on the tax policy agenda for the Treasury Department, and what are its priorities? What about the technical correction in SECURE 2.0 needed for Roth catchup provisions? Read More.



Episode 5. Jerry Schlichter and Tom Clark Fiduciary Litigation Debate

Fiduciary tort terror Jerry Schlichter and top ERISA attorney Tom Clark join American Retirement Association CEO Brian Graff for an insightful discussion about retirement plan litigation, record-keeping data, and much more. Here is what Schlichter, Managing Partner with Schlichter Bogard and Denton, and Clark, COO of the Wagner Law Group, have to say. Read More.



Episode 4. Tim Hauser Part 2 - Cutting Through The ESG Rule Controversy

Brian Graff continues his exclusive discussion with the Department of Labor’s Tim Hauser about what the Biden Administration rule really means for the retirement plan space. Read More.



Episode 3. Tim Hauser Part 1 - The ESG Rule Controversy: Hype or Help?

With talk of Biden vetoing a bill meant to block the latest ESG rules implementation, we decided to go straight to the source. American Retirement Association CEO Brian Graff recently sat down with the Employee Benefits Security Administration’s Tim Hauser to explore the implications and implementation of this new rule. Read More.



Episode 2. Jason J. Fichtner, PhD - The Biggest Beltway ‘Hot Potato’

Jason J. Fichtner joins American Retirement Association CEO Brian Graff for a comprehensive discussion about 401(k)s, tax policy, Social Security benefits and confusion over the appropriate claiming age. Read More.



Episode 1. Lisa M. Gomez - Inaugural Episode

In the inaugural episode of the DC Pension Geeks podcast, American Retirement Association CEO Brian Graff sits down with Lisa Gomez, the Department of Labor's Assistant Secretary for the Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA). In her first major interview since her confirmation, Gomez and Graff discuss her experience in the retirement plan industry, her priorities for her tenure, and yes—possible plans for a reintroduced fiduciary rule. Read More