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Magazine Feature Articles

Fees and Revenue

Whose Revenue is it Anyway by Fred Barstein (Fall 2013)
Should participants pay equally for the services they receive from their plan’s service providers rather than through Sub-TA or 12(b)(1) fees?

Inside NAPA

ARA’s Wonder Women by Nicolle Corning (Winter 2020) 
Meet the ARA Women in Retirement Council!

The Advisor Experience, by Nevin E. Adams, JD (Winter 2019)
The 2020 NAPA 401(k) Summit: the one retirement advisor event you can’t afford to miss!

Taking the Stage by Nevin E. Adams, JD (Fall 2019)
There’s something remarkable about the current leaders of the ARA’s “sister” organizations.

Tour Guide, by Nevin E. Adams, JD (Spring 2019)
Join us on a 'virtual' tour of the new NAPA-Net website. 

Inside the Retirement Industry

The Battle Ahead, by Judy Ward (Fall 2021)
Advisors and recordkeepers both want financial wellness business. Who will get it? 

‘Aces’ High, by Nevin E. Adams, JD (Summer 2021)
Our Top 100 Retirement Plan Advisors Under 40 

Teams Work!, by Nevin E. Adams, JD (Spring 2021)
NAPA’s 2020 top advisor teams and multi-office firms. 

Breaking the Barriers, by Judy Ward (Spring 2021)
COVID has widened existing gaps in retirement readiness of people of color. Here’s why—and what can be done to help. 

‘Leading’ Indicators, by Judy Ward (Winter 2020)
Top Women Advisors talk about how they lead in complicated times.

Georgia on Our Minds, by Ted Godbout (Winter 2020)
What might the 2020 elections mean for retirement policy?

When the ‘Going’ Gets Tough, by Judy Ward (Fall 2020)
Six Top 10 DC Wholesalers talk about adapting to the new normal.

What Next? by Judy Ward (Summer 2020)
Eight of the nation’s top young retirement plan advisors talk about how they’re helping sponsors during this unprecedented time.

Data-Driven by Judy Ward (Summer 2020)
The use of participant data for provider marketing has become a hot topic.

‘SECURE’ Acts by Larry E. Crocker & Jordan D. Mamorsky (Summer 2020)
Best practices for plan sponsors to address cybersecurity concerns.

A More SECURE Retirement? by Ted Godbout (Spring 2020)
The SECURE Act is already having a major impact on the retirement industry. Are you prepared? 

Guaranteed Retirement Income: The Impact of the SECURE Act by Fred Reish and Bruce Ashton (Spring 2020)
The new legislation provides solutions to several fiduciary concerns about providing guaranteed retirement income options in DC plans. 

The ‘Win’ Beneath Your Wings by Judy Ward (Fall 2019)
Wholesalers can help you navigate the changing advisory business. Here are our 2019 Top Wholesalers as chosen by NAPA members.

Capitol ‘Hail’ by Nevin E. Adams, JD (Fall 2019)
This year’s NAPA D.C. Fly-In Forum was a resounding success – again.

Full Court ‘Press’ by Nevin E. Adams, JD (Fall 2019)
Three ERISA cases are now pending before the Supreme Court. How will those decisions impact plan fiduciaries?

(If I Knew Then) What I Know Now, by Judy Ward (Summer 2019)
Nine lessons learned from the 2019 Top Young Retirement Advisors.

Once More, With Feeling, by Ted Godbout and John Iekel (Summer 2019)
Before moving on to Orlando, the NAPA 401(k) Summit rocked Vegas once again.

New Plan Sponsor Education Program and Credential, by Nevin E. Adams, JD (Summer 2019)
A new PSCA program fills the gap in plan sponsor education. Not sure about this one – probably

Star Power by Nevin E. Adams, JD (Spring 2019)
Meet NAPA's 2018 Top Women Advisors!

Team 'Works' by Nevin E. Adams, JD (Winter 2018)
Meet NAPA’s Top DC Advisor Teams for 2019.

'Term' Limits? by Ted Godbout (Winter 2018)
The implications of the 2018 congressional midterm elections on the retirement industry.

The Big Get Bigger by Judy Ward (Winter 2018)
The retirement plan industry enters a consolidation phase.

Flight ‘Club’ by Nevin E. Adams, JD (Fall 2018)
Introducing the top NAPA DC wholesalers of 2018.

10 Years After by Judy Ward (Fall 2018)
Seven of the nation’s leading advisor voices look back at the 2008 financial crisis, and how to blunt the impact of a recurrence on retirement savings.

The Young Guns by Judy Ward (Summer 2018)
Meet NAPA’s 2018 Top Retirement Plan Advisors Under 40 — and hear from six Young Guns on how to develop and hold onto younger advisors.

Back to Music City! by John Ortman and Ted Godbout (Summer 2018)
Bigger and better than ever, the NAPA 401(k) Summit returned to Nashville in April after a 2-year absence.

‘Multi’ Faceted by Nevin E. Adams, JD (Summer 2018)
Presenting our inaugural list of the top DC advisor multi-office firms.

Class ‘Acts’ — the 2017 NAPA Top Women Advisors by Nevin E. Adams, JD (Spring 2018)
Words of wisdom from the newest class of NAPA Top Women Advisors.

Well Connected by Pat Advaney (Spring 2018)
The Women in Pensions Network expands along with women’s role in retirement industry.

Team ‘Builders’ — the 2017 NAPA Top DC Advisor Firms by Nevin E. Adams, JD (Winter 2017)
Presenting our inaugural list of the top advisor firms in the defined contribution space.

Mission, Critical by Nevin E. Adams, JD (Fall 2017)
NAPA is pleased to unveil our fourth annual list of top DC wholesalers — a.k.a. “Wingmen” — for the nation’s retirement plan advisors.

Straight Shooters by Judy Ward (Summer 2017)
Ten NAPA “Young Guns” share lessons they’ve learned about building a successful career. Includes NAPA’s 2017 Top Advisors Under 40 list.

NAPA Nation Rocks by John Ortman and John Iekel (Summer 2017)
Our look inside the bigger and more advisor-centric 2017 NAPA 401(k) Summit.

Beneath the Surface: Could Tax Reform Sink Retirement? by Nevin E. Adams, JD (Spring 2017)
Is tax reform the enemy of retirement security?

Clearing the Hurdles by Judy Ward (Winter 2016)
Top women advisors talk about how to deal with retirement readiness challenges.

Unanticipated Consequences by Nevin E. Adams, JD (Winter 2016)
Polls, pundits and politicians alike did not see this coming.

With Change Comes Opportunity by Judy Ward (Winter 2016)
Four women industry leaders talk about how plan advisors can position themselves.

Wholesale Change by Judy Ward (Fall 2016)
The new fiduciary rules will shift what advisors need from DCIOs and record keepers. This cover story includes our list of the top 100 DC wholesalers for 2016.

Leader 'Shifts' — The 2016 NAPA 401(k) Advisor Leadership Award by Nevin E. Adams, JD (Summer 2016)
Innovation and accomplishment in workforce management set apart the winner and other finalists for this year's award.

Another 'Open' Door by Judy Ward (Spring 2016)
The Obama administration signals an open mind about open MEPs.

Making Their Mark by Nevin E. Adams, JD (Spring 2016)
This year's crop of "young guns" may be young, but they're already having an impact.

Robo-Advisors: Rise of the Machines? by Judy Ward (Winter 2015)
How will upstart robo-advisors' entry play out in the 401(k) market?

Trail Blazers by Judy Ward (Fall 2015)
The top women advisors are succeeding in a male-dominated profession.

Generation Next by Fred Barstein (Summer 2015)
Today's Young Guns are staring down the retirement crisis.

A SoCal Summit by John Ortman and John Iekel (Summer 2015)
In chilly March, the 2015 NAPA 401(k) SUMMIT landed in sunny Southern California.

The Future of DC Wholesaling by Fred Barstein (Spring 2015)
There's only one list of the top wholesalers serving the DC industry. Check out NAPA's "Wingmen" list — and learn about what's behind it — here.

The Practice of the Future by Fred Barstein (Winter 2014)
What will the DC advisory practice of 2019 look like?

Riding the Wave by Nevin Adams (Winter 2014)
With both parties eyeing 2016, will Washington 'work'?

The Auto IRA Game by John Iekel (Fall 2014)
Expanding the private retirement system with auto IRAs will allow millions more workers to save for retirement at work without imposing a burden on the small employers they work for.

Rumble in the Jungle by Fred Barstein (Summer 2014)
As the DC market matures, a power struggle is emerging between record keepers and advisors.

Young Guns: Building the Future by John Iekel (Summer 2014)
Featuring the top 50 plan advisors under age 40.

Wingmen! by Fred Barstein (Spring 2014)
Who are the Top DC Industry Wholesalers - and why?

What's Next? ...And Who's Driving by Fred Barstein (Winter 2013)
NAPA's list of the top 10 innovators in the DC industry.

If at First You Don't Succeed, Try Science by Robert L. Frick and Cathy Smith (Winter 2013)
A look inside the Center for Behavioral Finance -- and "Behavioral Finance 2.0".

DC Power Hitters by Fred Barstein (Fall 2013)
Meet the five people in Washington who will have the biggest impact on the future of the retirement industry.

Practice Management

QDIA 2.0?, by Judy Ward (Fall 2021)
Could managed accounts replace target date funds as QDIA in many plans? 

Acquisition Strategies, by Judy Ward (Fall 2021)
Five Advisor Allies share what they’re seeing with advisory practice consolidation. 

The COVID Comeback, by Nevin E. Adams, JD (Summer 2021)
Advisor practices pivot in response to the strictures of the pandemic and lay the groundwork for a return to a new and better “normal.” 

‘False’ Pretenses, by Judy Ward (Summer 2021)
Here are eight ways to help thwart fraudulent theft of participants’ assets. 

PEP Talk, by Judy Ward (Fall 2020)
Will Pooled Employer Plans be a game-changer? Maybe not.

2020 Foresight, by Nevin E. Adams & Jack Towarnicky (Fall 2020)
Getting a “fix” on fixed income. 

Team Spirit by Judy Ward (Spring 2020)
Building, reinforcing, and rewarding a team for tomorrow’s advisory business. Includes NAPA’s top DC advisor and multi-office teams. 

Coaching the Coaches by Judy Ward (Spring 2020)
How mentoring has helped shape six of NAPA’s Top Women Advisors. Includes NAPA’s latest list of top women advisors. 

Non-Profit Able, by Judy Ward (Winter 2019)
Six ways you can make a difference for 403(b) plans and their participants.

Rollover Recommendations Under the SEC’s Best Interest Standard, by Joshua J. Waldbeser and Fred Reish (Winter 2019)
What’s changed, what hasn’t changed, and what should advisors be doing now?

Where there’s Smoke by Judy Ward (Fall 2019)
The complexities of working with cannabis companies sponsoring a 401(k) plan.

Declaration of Independence, Judy Ward (Summer 2019)
Here’s how independent plan advisory firms can succeed in an era of consolidation. 

The North Star by Judy Ward (Spring 2019)
How to think about what stewardship means for your advisory practice.

Recommending Rollovers by Joshua Waldbeser & Fred Reish (Spring 2019)
Here's what the SEC's Reg BI asks advisors to do regarding rollovers.

Plan Participants: 'Use Plain English and Drop the Jargon' by Ted Godbout and John Iekel
Words can be engaging but they can also confuse participants.

Opening the Books by Judy Ward (Fall 2018)
How to help your plan sponsor clients prepare for a DOL audit.

Recommending Rollovers by Fred Reish and Joshua Waldbeser (Summer 2018)
What advisors (still) should know and do.

Building a Moat by Judy Ward (Summer 2018)
That’s how nonqualified plans can complement an advisor’s nonqualified plan business.

Cyber (In)Security by Judy Ward (Spring 2018)
What you need to know — and do — about cybersecurity threats.

‘Different’ Strokes by Judy Ward (Spring 2018)
Six ideas for attracting and retaining a more diverse team of plan advisors.

Teaming Up by Judy Ward (Winter 2017)
What are the key elements to consider when you’re looking for the right TPA partner?

The New Traditionalists by Judy Ward (Winter 2017)
As Generation Z enters the workforce, how can advisors ‘connect’?

Cleaning Up by Judy Ward (Fall 2017)
How to help sponsors think about the use of R6 shares.

Bridging the Gap by Judy Ward (Summer 2017)
From six NAPA “Young Guns,” five tips for helping Millennial participants save more.

10 Steps to Better Committee Meetings by Judy Ward (Spring 2017)
Members of NAPA's Leadership Council talk about how an advisor can help.

The 5 Keys to a Strong TPA Relationship by Judy Ward (Winter 2016)
How to find, and keep, good third-party administrator partners.

DOL Fiduciary Rule the Focus of 2016 Summit  by John Ortman and John Iekel (Summer 2016)
This year's 401(k) Summit came just 2 weeks after the rule was issued.

The Fiduciary Path: What Lies Ahead? by Nevin E. Adams, JD (Summer 2016)
The final rule seems "better" than the proposal, but many questions remain.

NAV-igating New Money Fund Waters by Elayne R. Demby (Winter 2015)
What your plan sponsor clients don't know about money market reform, but should.

Holistic Wellness by Judy Ward (Winter 2015)
Making the ROI connection between the bottom line and worker well-being.

Robo-Advisors: Rise of the Machines? by Judy Ward (Winter 2015)
How will upstart robo-advisors' entry play out in the 401(k) market?

Managing Managed Accounts by Judy Ward (Fall 2015)
They see more 401(k) take-up, but also face hurdles.

Taking Off in a New Retirement Income Direction by Bruce Shutan (Winter 2014)
Innovative advisors are implementing new approaches to the decumulation phase of retirement.

Words on Paper: The Pros and Cons of RFPs by Steven Sullivan (Fall 2014)
With so many questions about 401(k) plans, it's no surprise that plan sponsors are turning to a tried and true technique that's been used for ages in other parts of the business world: the request for proposal (RFP).

Women Wanted: How Female Advisors Can Help Your Business by Sheri Fitts (Fall 2014)
Recruiting and retaining more female advisors can pay off in many ways — all of which are good for the future of your business.

View from the Summit by John Ortman and John Iekel (Summer 2014)
The NAPA 401(k) SUMMIT continues on its path of growth and ascendancy. This year's event, already the largest annual gathering of 401(k) advisors, thought leaders and industry insiders, grew to nearly 1,500 attendees, drawn by the summit's general sessions, workshops and networking opportunities.

Does Suitability Equal Fiduciary? by Steven Sullivan (Summer 2014)
FINRA's "reminder" that BDs consider and evaluate more than seven relevant factors to determine suitability when recommending a rollover looks a lot like the prudent process required of a fiduciary.

Going it Alone is Going Out of Style by Elayne Demby (Spring 2014)
Teaming to provide defined contribution plan services is evolving - and thriving.

Transitioning Broker Dealers by Elayne Demby (Fall 2013)
Is making the move to a new broker dealer the right move for you? What factors are at play in the decision to make a change — and in making the move itself?

Investment Management

Special Supplement: ESG Investing (Summer 2021)

The Illumination of ESG, by Judy Ward (Winter 2020)
New thinking on its use in 401(k) plans emerges, while the DOL takes a closer look.

Missing the Target? by Judy Ward (Winter 2019)
Target date funds still have differences that could impact their volatility in the next big downturn.

Target-Date Funds: The Next Generation by Nevin E. Adams, JD (Fall 2017)
TDFs are helping a new generation of savers invest appropriately — but what will the next generation of target-date funds bring to the fore?

Well(th) Management by Judy Ward (Fall 2017)
Getting beyond the “buzz” about financial wellness.

The 'S' Stands for Savings by Judy Ward (Fall 2016)
Awareness of HSAs as a long-term savings and investment vehicle remains low.

Custom 'Fit'? by Judy Ward (Spring 2016)
Is the time ripe for a move to custom target-date funds?

Managing Managed Accounts by Judy Ward (Fall 2015)
They see more 401(k) take-up, but also face hurdles.

Making it Last by Judy Ward (Summer 2015)
Addressing five issues can help sponsors determine whether they should add longevity-planning options.

Resisting the Path of Least Resistance by Judy Ward (Spring 2015)
Their own behavioral-finance issues can influence sponsors to forgo plan design changes.

Game On! by John Iekel (Spring 2015)
Gamification revolutionizes the process of informing and motivating participants about retirement readiness.

Unintended Consequences of Investment Policy and Open Architecture by Jerry Bramlett (Winter 2013)
What can we learn from the policy and practice traits of plan sponsors who refuse to fall into the fund rotation trap?

Sales Process Development

Gimme Shelter by Gary Kleinschmidt (Spring 2014)
The biggest oversight in retirement planning.

Selling to the C-Suite by Bruce Shutan (Fall 2013)
C-suite execs have a laser-like focus on cutting costs, growing revenues, delivering a return on investment to shareholders and retaining top talent. Selling them on a retirement plan strategy takes the same kind of focus on the advisor’s part.