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Inside NAPA

Inside NAPA covers NAPA activities, including events, webcasts and advocacy efforts. You'll also find public-facing communications from NAPA leadership and reports of professional activities of NAPA members.

Managing a Practice

Managing a Practice covers the ways that advisors can profitably and successfully run their businesses. It includes practical topics like business systems, advisor fees and client services, as well as professional development and growth strategies. Also covered are overall industry trends and ethics and compliance, as well the various service providers and vendors that advisors partner with to build, grow and manage their practices.

Plan Optimization

Plan Optimization covers the many types of investments that advisors use to optimize or improve outcomes for plan sponsors in general, and plan participants specifically. Also included are behavioral finance, plan design and plan health. With a focus on outcomes becoming the major theme of the retirement industry — and plan advisors in particular — advisors will find insights and resources within these topics to help them achieve better results for their clients. In turn, this will help them be more successful.

Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing covers the various ways that advisors find new business, including prospecting, marketing, branding, cross selling, strategic partnerships and social media. Experts in these areas illustrate best practices in these topics with real life examples and provide helpful commentary and resources.

Technical competence

Technical Competence covers the nuts and bolts of the corporate retirement market, focusing on ERISA and the DOL regulations promulgated under its authority. All plan types are covered, including 401(k), 403(b), 457 and non-qualified plans, as well as IRA rollovers.