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Top DC Wholesalers


NAPA’s 2019 100 Top DC Wholesalers — the “Wingmen” — were based on voting by thousands of registered NAPA Net users and NAPA members from a pool of nominees submitted by NAPA Firm Partners. To learn more about the nomination and selection process, click here.

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Now featuring the Top 10 RK and DC Wingmen!

First Name Last Name Category Provider Name Top 10
Jeffrey Abelli DCIO Amundi Pioneer  
 Doug Allen RK Nationwide  
Bobby Allen, CIMA® DCIO American Century  
Derrick Amey DCIO John Hancock Investments  
Staci Baker DCIO J.P. Morgan Asset Management  
Dennis Beaudet RK John Hancock RPS
Chris Bilello DCIO Amundi Pioneer  
Keith Blackmon DCIO T. Rowe Price  
Bradford Boney RK John Hancock RPS
Travis Campbell RK Fidelity Workplace Investing  
Jerry Cicalese RK Sentinel Benefits & Financial Group
Murray Cleaner DCIO Lord, Abbett & Company  
Bruce Cobey RK John Hancock RPS  
Clayton Collins, CIMA®, C(k)P®, CRPS® DCIO American Century  
Marty Courage DCIO Columbia Threadneedle  
Kevin Crotsley DCIO Victory Capital  
Tim Curran RK Lincoln Financial Group  
Jesse Daniels, CFP®, AIF® DCIO American Century  
Michael Deferro DCIO AllianceBernstein  
Matt DeMarco DCIO PIMCO  
Matt Deno RK John Hancock RPS  
Matthew Digan DCIO Legg Mason  
Chris Donnager DCIO MFS Investment Management, Inc.  
Mike Dullaghan DCIO Putnam  
Ryan Fay DCIO John Hancock Investments
Bill Feldmaier DCIO Lord, Abbett & Company  
Matt Fessler RK Lincoln Financial Group  
Tim Gannon DCIO J.P. Morgan Asset Management  
Travis Gavinski RK Lincoln Financial Group
Brody Geist RK Securian Financial
Michele Giangrande DCIO T. Rowe Price  
Glenn Godin DCIO American Century  
Josh Gomez RK Transamerica  
John Gonsior RK Fidelity Workplace Investing  
Matthew Grandonico RK Prudential  
Liam Grubb DCIO Franklin Templeton  
Olivia  Hails DCIO Janus Henderson  
Tim Harkleroad DCIO Amundi Pioneer  
Aaron Hassinger DCIO PIMCO  
Ami Hindia DCIO Fidelity Investments   
Bryson Hopkins RK Lincoln Financial Group  
Howard Joelson RK John Hancock RPS  
Adam Johnson RK John Hancock RPS  
Matt Kasa DCIO Nuveen
Jae Kim DCIO Neuberger Berman  
Danny Kling RK Transamerica  
Greg Koleno DCIO Nuveen  
Kris Krikorian RK Pentegra  
Kyle Kunde DCIO Nuveen  
John Kutz DCIO Legg Mason  
Benjamin  Leger  DCIO Fidelity Investments   
Jack Levis RK Fidelity Workplace Investing  
Aylmer Magill DCIO John Hancock Investments  
Mike Manosh  DCIO Fidelity Investments 
Seth Marsters RK The Standard   
Todd Matlack DCIO Invesco
Sean Mayo RK CUNA Mutual  
Kevin McCarthy RK Ameritas  
Eric Milano DCIO T. Rowe Price
Michael Moschetta RK CUNA Mutual  
John Mueller DCIO Nuveen  
Jennifer Mulrooney RK Prudential  
Brian Munn, CFP®, AIF®, C(k)P®, CRPC® DCIO American Century
Keith Neal DCIO MFS Investment Management, Inc.
Barry Newman RK Ameritas  
Daniel O'Shea DCIO Columbia Threadneedle  
Jeff Petersen DCIO Franklin Templeton  
James Polito DCIO Nuveen  
Greg Poplarski DCIO AllianzGI  
Mark Pottle DCIO Neuberger Berman  
Brandon Radach DCIO John Hancock Investments  
Stewart Rauchman RK Lincoln Financial Group  
Benjamin  Rich  DCIO Fidelity Investments   
John R. Robertson RK John Hancock RPS  
Greg Schonauer RK CUNA Mutual  
Jenna Sellman DCIO Amundi Pioneer  
Brandon Shea DCIO T. Rowe Price  
Donny Sheinwald RK Lincoln Financial Group
Lloyd Silk DCIO Invesco  
Jeff Simes RK Ascensus  
Chris Sleggs DCIO PIMCO  
Jay Slusher DCIO PIMCO  
Matt Spicer RK Ascensus  
Luke Szafranski RK Transamerica  
Nancy  Tassiello DCIO Legg Mason
Carrie Temkin DCIO Legg Mason  
Troy Testa RK CUNA Mutual
Edward Thurmond RK John Hancock RPS  
Alan Valenca DCIO T. Rowe Price  
Matt Vanaman DCIO PIMCO
Scott Ward RK John Hancock RPS
Lindsay Warrington DCIO Ivy Investments  
Jeff Weaver DCIO J.P. Morgan Asset Management  
Tina White DCIO Franklin Templeton  
Barbara Wilderman RK John Hancock RPS
Jonathan Wilkinson DCIO T. Rowe Price  
Joon Yi DCIO Ivy Investments  
MJ Zayac DCIO AllianceBernstein  
Dan Zibaitis RK John Hancock RPS
Kim Zook DCIO Victory Capital